Keep up with Kingston’s Top Six Posts of 2016

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-11-51-47-amI can’t believe 2016 is almost over! Like many, I take these last few days of the year to reflect on my highs and lows and set goals for the year ahead. It’s been a great year to be a Kingstonian with so many amazing local establishments knocking our socks off. Take a trip down memory lane with me as I highlight my most successful posts of 2016. Thank you to all who have been following along with my little blog! ❤

6. Back to Basics: Why I Love Carmelinda’s


“Breakfast is a wonderful thing. And sometimes there is nothing better than a good ol’ fashioned plate of eggs, bacon and buttered toast. Enter, Carmelinda’s. Carmelinda’s Family Diner has been around for years and has been a favourite of mine for a cheap, cheerful, classic breakfast. This diner is what slow saturday mornings are made of. *Seriously, I wouldn’t visit if you’re in a rush to get somewhere as it really inhabits the laid back vibe of an old school diner.” READ MORE.

5. Crave Coffee House Leaves Me Wanting More

“The countdown to the brand new Crave Coffee House through their social media campaign left me anxiously awaiting the day they finally opened their doors to the public.

“Im going to Crave at 6:30 tomorrow before work.” I say to my husband, “6:30 AM?” he gawks. “Yes.” I confirm. The next morning I don’t quite make my goal time. But I park on Bagot street and greet a Big Dig construction worker at around 7:15 am before opening the doors to this shiny new spot on the south side of Princess street and I am wowed. “It’s big! Beautiful layout. There’s a fireplace!” are the first few thoughts that enter my head.” READ MORE.


4. Boss Ladies of the Limestone City: Meet The Stylists of The Loft Hair Studio

“One thing I’ve noticed since being back in town is how Kingston has grown out of the old “Florida of the North” stereotype. Sure, there are a lot of retired people who choose Kingston but there are also a ton of young people making their dreams come true – from business owners to writers and photographers. And perhaps I am a tad bias being a woman, but I am proud to see many of them are women! So I’ve decided to interview these successful ladies and find out exactly why they chose Kingston to flourish and the benefits of living in such a close knit community.

In this edition, Liz Wing and Jade Poulter, co-owners of The Loft Hair Studio.

Brand new hair salon, The Loft Hair Studio, has been all the buzz these past couple of weeks on social media. It’s easy to see why! Two very chic local stylists have created a beautiful oasis downtown in one of Kingston’s most coveted pieces of real estate, The Smith Robinson Building.” READ MORE.


3. Top 11 Local Instagrammers

“I love instagram. It’s the perfect app to get decor, fashion and food inspo. If you follow the right people, it can open your eyes to the community around you. Kingston has lots of awesome Instagrammers so I’ve decided to share a list of my favourite local accounts and why I like them – it was hard to stick to just 11!” READ MORE.


2. Lumina Borealis Brings Winter Wonder


“I need to start by admitting to you that I am not a winter person, I do not enjoy the crisp air, the snow or the ice. I basically stay inside eating soup and watching Netflix until March. So when I tell you that I recently strolled outdoors through Lumina Borealis’ winter wonderland sans gloves and loved every second of it — you know I am keeping it real.

Like many Kingstonians, I’ve been reading the social media posts and seeing the signage for this magical experience and did not have one clue what it was. Lumina Borealis felt so mysterious with so few details being shared that it allowed the anticipation to build and build. I can tell you, it’s worth all of the hype.” READ MORE.

1. Toast and Jam’s Breakfast Game is Strong

Toast and Jam = Breakfast at Aunt Sophie's
Breakfast at Aunt Sophie’s

“Saturday morning is my absolute favourite time of the week. It usually means coffee and tea in bed followed by a delicious breakfast somewhere in town. Today, that somewhere is Toast & Jam, Bread and Butter Bakery’s new breakfast and lunch café. We arrive around 10 AM at the busiest time – it feels like a large percentage of Kingston pulled into the parking lot with us (note to self, leave earlier next time).

We walk into the beautiful new space with exposed brick, a cozy couch, lounge chairs and fire surrounded by long and short, high and low wooden tables. Between the lighting and perfectly mismatched chairs, the decor is a wonderful mixture of trendy and warm.” READ MORE.




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