Lumina Borealis Brings Winter Wonder

Update: This attraction is no longer in operation in Kingston.

I need to start by admitting to you that I am not a winter person, I do not enjoy the crisp air, the snow or the ice. I basically stay inside eating soup and watching Netflix until March. So when I tell you that I recently strolled outdoors through Lumina Borealis’ winter wonderland sans gloves and loved every second of it — you know I am keeping it real.

Like many Kingstonians, I’ve been reading the social media posts and seeing the signage for this magical experience and did not have one clue what it was. Lumina Borealis felt so mysterious with so few details being shared that it allowed the anticipation to build and build. I can tell you, it’s worth all of the hype.

I think a part of what made Lumina Borealis so wonderful was knowing few details so I am not going to give it all away but I will tell you a little about my visit.

When my husband and I arrive I can’t believe how cold it is (it turned winter over night!) so I am relieved that one of the kiosks set up outside of the entrance sells hot chocolate for $2 a cup. There are also fires lit to keep warm before the tour begins. Nice touch!

The self-guided tour is like walking through a Pixar film. Between the music, the intricate graphics flashing on the walls and the detailed installations, it is sensory overload. We were advised to move slowly through our tour to take everything in and I’m glad we did.

It brings out the kid in everyone, when we initially begin our tour everyone in our group is a little quiet and hesitant but with each section there is more and more laughter and genuine joy beaming from people’s faces.

It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Whether you enjoy a little whimsy  or not, you will appreciate the effort that went into creating this space. When we turn a corner and see a few dozen christmas trees light up, it’s hard not to smile ear to ear.

My advice to you if you decide to make the trip to Fort Henry between now and Feb 4th for Lumina Borealis: dress warm (even warmer than you feel necessary), bring change for hot chocolate, take your time and really soak in the experience, participate in the interactive aspects of the tour (don’t be shy!) and be prepared to smell like campfire when you leave.

I’m so grateful the team at Lumina Borealis invited me to experience their magic, for only $12 a ticket, I know I’ll be back!


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