Holiday The Hardway: Support Your Local Cider Maker

As we countdown to the official holiday season, I’ve been saying over and over that it’s important to support our local businesses! Looking for gifts? Support local. Looking for food? Support local. Almost everything on your list can be found locally! And believe it or not this local spirit applies to cider! Do you like Strongbow? We have a local supplier that you can support for your cider needs. Enter, The Hard Way Cider Co, located in Bath (don’t worry, they deliver!). It’s locally owned, artisanal, bone dry, hard cider that is gluten-free. Continue reading

Five Brewery Picks from This Year’s YGK Craft Beer Fest

I’ve got to be honest. I don’t regularly drink beer. But my husband does! Which is why I bring him with me to YGK Craft Beer Fest at Fort Henry. Nothing kicks off summer like an outdoor festival and though it is a tad overcast, that does not stop people from showing up to sip samples and chill on the hill while listening to live music. I think everyone’s enthusiasm for the day works because the sun eventually shines bright and stays until it’s time to set. Continue reading

Aquaterra’s Winemaker’s Event Pairs Food and Philanthropy

I was recently invited to the holy grail of foodie indulgence. An evening filled with course after course of meticulously planned meals paired with top-notch wine: The Winemaker’s Event at Aquaterra, featuring Stratus Winery’s Charles Baker. Continue reading

Crave Coffee House Leaves Me Wanting More

The countdown to the brand new Crave Coffee House through their social media campaign left me anxiously awaiting the day they finally opened their doors to the public.

“Im going to Crave at 6:30 tomorrow before work.” I say to my husband, “6:30 AM?” he gawks. “Yes.” I confirm. The next morning I don’t quite make my goal time. But I park on Bagot street and greet a Big Dig construction worker at around 7:15 am before opening the doors to this shiny new spot on the south side of Princess street and I am wowed. “It’s big! Beautiful layout. There’s a fireplace!” are the first few thoughts that enter my head. Continue reading

Re-Energize Your Takeout Game with SimplyWell

This post is for my green-juice-loving, vegan-leaning, salad-eating readers. There’s a new trendy, tasty juice/salad/smoothie/superfood spot in town. And it’s good. Real good.

SimplyWell is a locally-owned wellness shop downtown on Princess street near Ontario (right beside Peter’s Place). It’s beautifully decorated, the food is thoughtfully prepared and for the hardcore health crowd – they have a number of immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-filled vegan ingredients that they incorporate in all elements of their menu. Continue reading

Fuel Up

When I get into a good workout routine, I automatically shift into health mode. “No, I don’t want that egg mcmuffin. I’d rather sip on a kale smoothie” I convince myself.

Well, recently one Sunday morning after spin class  I have a hankering for some real nutrients and I am starving. I remember walking by a smoothie spot just a week before and I am curious. As I stroll up Princess street I spy the sign, “Fuel.” “Fitting name, that’s exactly what I need!” I think. I walk into the very sleek looking locally-owned juice/smoothie bar and I am greeted by a very friendly face. Continue reading