Step Up Your Cardio Game at Apex Indoor Cycling

We open the door and we’re greeted by the most bright-eyed, enthusiastic little blonde smiling from ear to ear. “WELCOME!” she yells, “You’re going to love it here.”

Where’s here? Apex Indoor Cycling, the one-year-old spin studio located downtown Kingston in the Smith Robinson Building (Ontario and Princess street). My mom and I are trying our first class and we’re eager to see this modern space. The perky blonde greeter’s name is Gillian. She’s the manager.

After a quick sign-up, we’re handed our size six cycle shoes (I thought I would be grossed out by shared-shoes but they look brand new and clean) and introduced to her husband and today’s instructor, Steve. Steve bounces down the stairs (also smiling ear-to-ear) decked out in spin gear – skin-tight black shorts and t-shirt adorned with all of the Apex colours – bright orange, grey and white. “HEY! WELCOME!” he beams.

Steve shows us the ropes on the bike, how to adjust the seats, handle-bars and click-in our shoes. We’re ready. Before I know it, Steve is at the front of the room – turning up the 90s rock music – guiding us through warm up.

Before my first class, I had heard many positive Apex anecdotes – some of which I thought were myth. “When you’re thirsty, raise your hand with your empty water bottle and they’ll fill it,” they’d say. I thought to myself, “Ya right.” Low and behold 20 minutes into the class Steve shouts, “If you’re water bottle is empty, hold it up! Gillian will come and fill it.” I watched the bouncy blonde make about four water trips (one of those was for me).

After a very sweaty 45-minutes, Steve encourages us to have complimentary fruit, tea, coffee or lemon-infused water upstairs. “Those bananas are the BEST! I picked ’em” boasts Gillian.

Overall Experience: The time flew by and I felt like I got in a good a cardio boost. Everyone was incredibly nice and inclusive – including the regulars. Steve was a great instructor and was very clear in what we needed to do, consistently reminding us with key cues like “keep your weight off your shoulders!”

Chances of Re-visiting: I’ve already been back twice since our first class – once for a 6:30 am pre-work class. That says a lot.

$$$$: The price depends on whether you’re already paying for a gym membership and how passionate you are about spin. A walk-in class is about $19 after tax. You can grab a ten class pass for $145 and 20 class for $260. Very important tip: You can go in with a friend and split the class passes. Get more class rates, here.

BONUS: They have fresh towels, soap, shampoo and conditioner if you need to squeeze in a quick post-class shower.

Keep up with Apex: Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are great at keeping their clients up to date with daily class schedules. If you register on their website, you can sign up online before class and your shoes will be ready for you at the front desk when you get there.

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