Up Your Drive-In Game

One thing I discovered this summer is that the drive-in is by far the most underestimated summer experience. Going to the drive-in is like being on the set of a 1960s movie – the “set your radio station” signs, the dusty lane ways, the smell of buttery popcorn floating in the open air.It probably helps that Kingston Family Fun World hasn’t been updated in about 50 years (that’s what makes it so charming).

If we thought we loved the drive-in before, our new discovery has taken it to a whole new level. We watched the film out of the back of a pick-up truck. Ok Hand Sign Emoji (Apple/iOS Version)

We had just bought a new truck and my husband had the clever idea of filling the back with pillows, blankets, a citronella candle and a radio (and bags of Bulk Barn goodies, of course). People looked at us like we were crazy from behind their mosquito-net-covered windows. They weren’t wrong to side-eye our choice to sit outside – there were plenty of mosquitoes – but the citronella candle and Off! spray plus long sleeved shirts and track pants made us almost immune to getting eaten alive. It was worth the hassle. We didn’t even enjoy the movies we chose (Ant-Man/Inside Out1f44d-thumbs-down-sign-apple-new-2015) but loved our cozy set-up so much that we let that slide.

If you’re without a truck or a friend with a truck, we saw other vehicles (mostly hatchbacks and SUVS) backed in with passengers lying down in the trunk.

If you’re brainstorming fun ways to fill the remainder of your summer nights, I would add the drive-in to the list. Look how happy I am!

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