Hurray for Harper’s Burger Bar

After much consideration, we are ready to order.

“Yes, I’ll have the chickpea burger, on a whole wheat bun with roasted garlic and rosemary mayo, avocado, ‘seed to sausage’ bacon, havarti cheese and waffle fries, please.” – me.

“I’ll have the six ounce beef patty on a pretzel bun, with monterey jack cheese, ‘seed to sausage’ bacon, a fried farm egg, jalapenos and kansas city bbq sauce. ” – him.

Where else could we order such wildly different burgers? We’re at Harpers Burger Bar. One of my favourite burger spots downtown. After introducing it to my in-laws recently, I think it’s safe to say they love it, too!

Food Choices: Harper’s has a very wide selection of burger ingredients. You want to go healthy? Grab a whole wheat or gluten-free ciabatta bun. You want to pig out? Go big with the double-down – two grilled cheese sandwiches as buns! Whoa. They have multiple sauces – from sundried tomato and white truffle aoli to coconut-red curry and chipotle lime mayo (with many in between). In terms of burger patties, you can go for the 6, 8 or 10 oz beef, you can switch it up and go light with chicken, turkey or salmon or you can try lamb. And of course, an option for the non-meat eaters – chickpea.

$$$: They get you on the toppings (a dollar here and there for the good stuff like avocado can add up) but I wouldn’t say it’s incredibly expensive, especially considering they use top-notch local ingredients. The bill for four was about $73 before tax.

Chances of Re-visiting: I’ve already been a few times and I’ve only made it a quarter of the way through the multiple protein and sauce selections and I haven’t even considered the non-burger options (korean fried chicken wings, tacos, poutine!). I’m sure I’ll be back.

BONUS: If you have room for dessert, they offer Deep Fried Mars Bars. I am usually stuffed, but the last time I saw a deep fried Mars Bar was at the CNE so I am intrigued!

Keep up with Harper’s Burger Bar: Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for snapshots of their delicious food.

3 thoughts on “Hurray for Harper’s Burger Bar

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