Treat Yourself at Sipps Coffee and Dessert Bar

There’s a quaint little coffee and dessert shop on Brock street called Sipps that I kept walking by but didn’t take the time to try until just recently when I met three friends for coffee and dessert. The patio is small – it fits about four round tables that seat two to three people – but if you’re lucky enough to grab a spot (which we were) it’s a nice place look out at the adjacent market, especially during movie night (which it was).

We did a little research before arriving and knew from looking at the menu that the crème brûlée latte was a must try. It turns out that it’s one of their most popular hot drinks, according to the barista. For those lactose intolerant, they carry both soy and almond milk to substitute.

Sipps is a sweet little spot. Everything is homemade, the baristas are very polite and helpful and it’s locally owned which I always prefer.

Drink choices: 
Like I mentioned above, three of us had the crème brûlée latte and it was pretty creamy and delicious. I would order it again. Another one of us ordered a blueberry looseleaf tea and she enjoyed it – mind you, she was eyeing our lattes and stole a sip. Whether you prefer coffee or tea, they have plenty to offer!

Food choices: They have a wide variety of homemade treats, from squares and cheesecakes to scones and ice cream. The first thing that caught our eye was the cheesecake – particularly the banana split cheesecake with cherries on top. The second, carrot cake – it was all about the cream cheese frosting. And the third, the peanut butter and chocolate stick. The runner up – was the Reeses pieces cheesecake (we didn’t order it but would go back for it in the future!) Is your mouth watering yet? All three desserts were very good. The banana split cheesecake did not taste too banana-y and was just the right amount of rich. The carrot cake was moist and had amazing cream cheese frosting.  I think we each preferred a different one for a different reason but agree that all were delicious!

$$: Reasonably priced. For three lattes it was about $15 so around $5 each. The cheesecakes were about $7 each and and the peanut butter chocolate stick was $6.

Chances of Re-visiting: Given its location and delicious treat options, I’ll be back. It’s a great place to go solo with a book or enjoy a catch up with friends.

Keep up with Sipps: For photos of their baked goods and hot beverages, check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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