Queer Songbook Orchestra Stops in Kingston, Includes Local Artists

The Queer Songbook Orchestra is a special compilation of songs by Queer-identifying musicians with an ensemble arrangement. As part of the Human Rights Arts Festival in collaboration with The Skeleton Park Arts Festival, this show will be at The Isabel next Tuesday, March 20 featuring Leah Fay (July Talk) and local artists LJ Weisberg and Alyssa Cooper.

The performance will include works by Billy Strayhorn, kd Lang, Stephen Sondheim and more and will explore narratives from the performers and how the music has shaped their identities.

I had a chat with local poet Alyssa Cooper, who will be reading the narratives. See below to learn more about the show and Alyssa’s participation. Continue reading

International Women’s Day: Kingston’s Inspiring Girl Power

This post was originally written March 2017 

When I started my series featuring Kingston’s female entrepreneurs, “The Boss Ladies of the Limestone City,” I knew Kingston had incredibly talented women helping to make it the awesome city that it is. In fact, according to a recent poll, Kingston is the second best city in Canada to be a woman with  high numbers of women in senior management roles. Continue reading

Stretch in the Sun: Top Picks for Outdoor Yoga in YGK and PEC

Photo via unsplash.

I love yoga for so many reasons! It’s inclusive, calming, requires very little equipment – just a mat! – and begins and ends lying down (bonus).

When summer rolls around I want to spend every waking moment soaking in the beautiful sunshine! So what’s better than combining a yoga practice with fresh summer air and the sound of birds chirping?

There are a number of options to choose from between Kingston and Prince Edward County to get your downward dog on al fresco. Learn where you can catch your stretch in the sun in the list below! Continue reading

The Juvenis Festival Highlights Kingston’s Young Talent

Kingston is filled with so much talent, from musicians to artists and actors — the list is endless. That’s why The Juvenis Festival is a perfect opportunity to witness all of the talent that the local youth have to offer. From April 29-May 7, a number of performances and workshops led by youth (ages 13-30) will be taking place. Though led by youth, the Juvenis are for people of all ages to enjoy.

I will be speaking with fellow bloggers Anna from STRUCKBLOG and Rosalyn of The Staycationer on Thursday, May 4 from 6:30 as part of a Blog-Writing Panel at 274 Princess Street. 

I couldn’t pick just one event to highlight! I thought I would share their full press release to cover all of the information.

Read their list of events to find out what’s coming up:

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Top Ten Tips to Detox Your Home

Detox Home Tips

Spring feels like the perfect time to reevaluate things in life like ditching old clothes or furniture and starting fresh! I figured while getting full swing into spring cleaning, I might as well reconsider some of the things I use to clean my space and try to go a greener route. I spoke to local expert, Julie Boucher of Own Your Happy about ways to go green when cleaning.

Julie, who started making her own laundry detergent 20 years ago, started the website Own Your Happy in 2013 to share as many DIY holistic recipes as possible, “I was always sharing random recipes with people. So instead of emailing a bunch of people, I decided to start Own Your Happy,” she says. She’s now on a mission to detox 1000 homes in 2017 with her tips and tricks! She is full of insight on how to approach a greener life and she’s compiled her own list right here to help you detox your home! Continue reading

Kingston’s Most Instagrammable Destinations

Kingston YGK INstagram

There is a reason Kingston’s staple hashtag (#ygk) has more than 195,385 posts (and counting) on Instagram. It’s because this town is filled with eye candy! Between our parks, cafes, architecture and waterfront – the photo opportunities are endless. I might be a little bias, but I like to think we live in one of the most photogenic cities. If you’re looking for the best places to capture Kingston’s good side(s) (there are many!) look no further than my list below,  #ygk’s most Instagrammable spots.

Battery Park


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Boss Ladies of the Limestone City: Melissa Eapen, Co-Founder of Improbable Escapes and The Kingston Collective

melissaeapenIf you’ve put your puzzle-solving skills to the test at one of Kingston’s Improbable Escape rooms or indulged in a little shopping at Kingston’s new locally-curated makers shop, The Kingston Collective, then you can thank the brilliant millennial mind of Melissa Eapen. Melissa was born in Brampton and grew up in the Caledon area but saw something special in Kingston. After one visit she decided to move here with her businesses partner and launch Improbable Escapes. She’s not only incredibly smart and kind, after just under two years of living in Kingston she’s created a number of new job opportunities and embodies what it means to be a Kingstonian. She’s taking limestone city by storm and is more than deserving of the title, “Boss Lady.”  Continue reading

Boss Ladies of the Limestone City: Dr. Aba Bowles-Mortley of Cher Mère Spa

I chat with Dr. Aba Bowles-Mortley, owner of Cher Mère spa. Aba is a Queen’s alumna (undergrad, masters and Phd) who — like many — made Kingston her home with her husband (and eventually four children). She grew up in Trinidad where her family owns five spas and make their own products.

Aba is truly integrated in our community, volunteering for Youth Diversion as well as Hundred Women Who Care. When I sit down with her at Coffeeco she seems to know every other passerby and greets them with a wide grin and a “How are you?!”.

Learn about her Kingston experience and a few realities of raising mixed race children in a town with little diversity. Continue reading