Score Steps Up Kingston’s Pizza Game

Score pizza. How did it take me this long to enter this world of endless pizza toppings melted atop a crisp and equally soft, doughy crust? This locally-owned spot has it all figured out. I had been hearing great things but needed to make a trip to find out how it won the hearts of so many Kingstonians. Read why it’s on my list of favourite downtown restaurants.

Food choices: When I arrive with a friend we are surprised to see the layout. Patrons line up to order and then sit down and wait for their names to be called. As we approach the lineup I get a glimpse at the toppings list and my indecisive nature takes over, “do I get regular tomato sauce, pesto or garlic cream? Goat cheese or feta? Do I get smoke ham and bacon, chorizo or pepperoni? Artichokes or green peppers or both? Should I add a Balsamic drizzle? ” It’s overwhelming and wonderful all at once. I end up doing both pesto and garlic cream sauce, parmesan and mozzarella, artichoke, mushrooms, smoked ham and top it off with a balsamic drizzle. My friend gets the classic combo of red sauce, chorizo and mozzarella. The staff work in perfect sync layering our pizzas and moving them down the production line and into the wood oven. Within about 20 minutes of entering the line up, our names have been called and we are cutting into steaming hot pizzas. The crust is perfect. We nod in agreement at how delicious our pizzas are as we stuff our faces with one tasty bite after another.

Note: They also offer sandwiches and salads! Check out their full menu, here.

$$: Typically these choices are determined by budget and not wanting to pay more for toppings, but guess what – there is no extra charge for any extra toppings. Yes, you read that correctly. Get one topping or 20 – same price. If you have diet restrictions that’s where the extra cost might sneak in with a gluten free crust (+$3) or a vegan cheese (+2). I order a regular pizza with multiple toppings and a glass of wine for around $20. For the quality of pizza and diverse selection, I would say it’s reasonably priced.

Keep up with Score Pizza: See their delicious pizza pics on Facebook and Instagram.

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