Artillery Park’s Baby Boot Camp

To catch you up before I proceed, my husband and I welcomed a new addition to our family this year. And since this blog is about our experience living in this beautiful city, that will now include a few of the new parent/mommy-minded activities we’ve found helpful. It’s been said many times but it’s only just recently hit home (due to this latest life milestone!) that Kingston is a wonderful place to raise a kid. There are so many resources — some free and many affordable things to do. So I am going to tell you about one I’ve found really helpful so far!

I’ve always tried to stay active and that’s something post-baby that I was having a hard time fitting into my mat-leave schedule, enter Mom/Dad and Baby Boot Camp at Artillery Park. Our instructor, Patricia, lends a good mix of sweet and kind with tough love and badassery, cooing at our babes one minute and yelling at us to grab heavier weights the next. I started classes twice a week at 3 months postpartum and feel so much stronger and more energetic two months later. Patricia is mindful of how much we can push ourselves physically without overdoing it in our new postpartum bodies. Continue reading

Step Up Your Cardio Game at Apex Indoor Cycling

We open the door and we’re greeted by the most bright-eyed, enthusiastic little blonde smiling from ear to ear. “WELCOME!” she yells, “You’re going to love it here.”

Where’s here? Apex Indoor Cycling, the one-year-old spin studio located downtown Kingston in the Smith Robinson Building (Ontario and Princess street). My mom and I are trying our first class and we’re eager to see this modern space. The perky blonde greeter’s name is Gillian. She’s the manager. Continue reading