Crave Coffee House Leaves Me Wanting More

The countdown to the brand new Crave Coffee House through their social media campaign left me anxiously awaiting the day they finally opened their doors to the public.

“Im going to Crave at 6:30 tomorrow before work.” I say to my husband, “6:30 AM?” he gawks. “Yes.” I confirm. The next morning I don’t quite make my goal time. But I park on Bagot street and greet a Big Dig construction worker at around 7:15 am before opening the doors to this shiny new spot on the south side of Princess street and I am wowed. “It’s big! Beautiful layout. There’s a fireplace!” are the first few thoughts that enter my head.

Drink Choices: As I glance at the menu I am torn between a Chai Latte, Traditional Coffee or Matcha Latte. I settle on the Matcha and I’m asked if I prefer 2 percent milk or if I’d like Almond, Soy or Coconut milk (coconut, of course).

Other beverages that peak my interest are the freshly squeezed juices, specifically the Mint Lemonade as well as the Iced Apple Cinnamon Tea and Cold Stone Fruit Tea. I’ll be back soon to give those a try.

Food Choices: I am surprised to see the many, many delicious waffle options on the board. Caramel Apple, Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Monkey (nutella, bananas) – all topped with whipped cream. I’ll be back for that treat! They also have gourmet cinnamon buns (what!). Some flavours include Apple Crema – baked apples and cream – and Caramel Pecan. So many heart eye emojis for these items. Considering the time of day, I choose a BLT on a multigrain bagel. It’s delicious.

$$: I would say the prices are comparable to any coffee shop. The beverages range from $3 to $5 depending on size and type. The cinnamon buns range from $4 to $5 or $16 to $19 for a six pack (yes, you can buy a six pack!). They bake their goods in-house so I think everything is priced reasonably!

Keep up with Crave Coffee House and Bakery: They are very active on social media so follow along on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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