Holiday The Hardway: Support Your Local Cider Maker

As we countdown to the official holiday season, I’ve been saying over and over that it’s important to support our local businesses! Looking for gifts? Support local. Looking for food? Support local. Almost everything on your list can be found locally! And believe it or not this local spirit applies to cider! Do you like Strongbow? We have a local supplier that you can support for your cider needs. Enter, The Hard Way Cider Co, located in Bath (don’t worry, they deliver!). It’s locally owned, artisanal, bone dry, hard cider that is gluten-free.

Let me break the flavours down featured in the Holiday Pack!

Ramboozle: Caribbean Rum barrel aged and made with 10% raspberry juice. Dry, tart and incredibly fruit forward. 6.5%abv

Catawampus: Kentucky Bourbon barrel aged, bone dry, with a hint of black cherry. Bourbon forward and slightly tart with a cherry finish. 9%abv.

Renegade: this is their flagship cider. It’s a triple barrel blend, bone dry cider with hints of oak and spice. Made with only 100% Ontario apples. 6.5% abv.

If you want to check them out irl, head to their shop at 442 Townline Rd, Bath, ON K0H 1G0 (It’s just 4km down the road from another local favourite, MacKinnon Brothers). Open: Thurs-Fri: 12-5pm; Sat-Sun: 11-5pm

And guess what? I’ve got a contest going on to enter to win a 6 pack as well as two toques and two glasses. Valued at $85. Check my Facebook and Instagram page for more details (Contest will launch at 9 pm on Thursday, December 10)! Must be of legal drinking age to enter.  

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Hardway Cider. However, please note that I wouldn’t post anything I didn’t support myself. 

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