A Good Review: Our Latest Purchase from Kingston’s Carloft.ca


I am going to preface this post by saying the whole reason I started this blog was to share great experiences I have in our community. Most of the time it’s related to food and I am always happy to support local. This post is a little different! It’s about our recent trade in experience at CarLoft.ca’s Kingston‘ location. It was awesome enough that I feel the need to tell you about it.

About a month ago (when we were not in the middle of a severe covid outbreak for our region) we finally decided to test drive a vehicle we had our eyes on. For full context, we bought a brand new truck five years ago and we are over it. It was very much the Kingston thing to do coming from the GTA (a driveway, no street parking, shorter commutes = truck). But it’s not practical. And we’ve been talking about trading it in for months. I digress…So about a month ago we test drove a vehicle and liked the salesperson who helped us, Devon, so we grabbed his business card. Three weeks later after more consideration, we texted Devon to follow up. Fast-forward and we have said goodbye to our truck (we named it Buck) and hello to our newer, more affordable, SUV (name tbd). If you’ve been patient enough to read this far, thanks for sticking it out.

The reason I feel compelled to write about our experience with Carloft is because the process was so easy and relaxed. We drew a hard line on our budget and their finance manager, Ryan, did what he could to meet us at our goals. He respected boundaries (which is rare for a sales person in my experience). There were no surprises, no hidden fees, no pressure. It was a simple, straight-forward, transparent transaction. Given our past experience with car sales people, this felt so chill. And to add a layer of covid safety, masks were worn, sanitizers were accessible, distancing measures were in place  and contact tracing was being kept. So I just need to give the team at Kingston’s Carloft a shout out for making this purchase so easy. If you’re looking for a trade-in or a used vehicle, check them out! #locallove

Keep up with Carloft.ca’s Devon on instagram: @devoatcarloft.ca


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