Toast and Jam’s Breakfast Game is Strong

Saturday morning is my absolute favourite time of the week. It usually means coffee and tea in bed followed by a delicious breakfast somewhere in town. Today, that somewhere is Toast & Jam, Bread and Butter Bakery’s new breakfast and lunch café. We arrive around 10 AM at the busiest time – it feels like a large percentage of Kingston pulled into the parking lot with us (note to self, leave earlier next time).

We walk into the beautiful new space with exposed brick, a cozy couch, lounge chairs and fire surrounded by long and short, high and low wooden tables. Between the lighting and perfectly mismatched chairs, the decor is a wonderful mixture of trendy and warm.

Since Toast and Jam and the bakery are neighbours,  between reading the menu and taking in the smells of the bakery wafting through the restaurant –my mouth is watering while we wait for our table. Once we are seated I can’t wait to order.

Food Choices: I go back and forth between three items: should I get the Bake up: roasted vegetables, topped with 2 baked eggs, aged gouda and a baguette? OR The Crispy Pakora: roasted curried pumpkin & cauliflower, coconut, feta tzatiki, microgreens and sourdough? OR a T&J sandwich: avocado, peppers, arugula, egg, goats cheese in a house made griddle cake. After serious consideration, I settle on the sandwich. My husband makes no hesitation in ordering The Breakfast at Aunt Sophie’s: three scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, fried kielbasa, potatoes, sweet chili sauce and toast. 

The bread (toast for my husband and griddle cake for me) is obviously amazing, I mean it is fresh from the bakery next door after all. They also have house made ketchup and jam. The raspberry jam that comes with my husband’s meal is so delicious, I could eat it out of the ramekin with a spoon. I don’t typically eat ketchup but enjoy that it is made in house and gladly dip my home fries in it.

We both clean our plates and nod in agreement that our breakfasts are worth another Saturday morning trip.

$$$: Toast & Jam is certainly not the cheapest breakfast spot in town but it’s without a doubt one of the tastiest. Our meals plus a coffee and green tea comes to $33 (before tip). Worth it.

Bonus: When our bill arrives, a plate of two freshly baked gingerbread cookies come with it. Nice touch!

Keep up with Toast & Jam: Follow their updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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