Back to Basics: Why I Love Carmelinda’s

Breakfast is a wonderful thing. And sometimes there is nothing better than a good ol’ fashioned plate of eggs, bacon and buttered toast. Enter, Carmelinda’s. Carmelinda’s Family Diner has been around for years and has been a favourite of mine for a cheap, cheerful, classic breakfast. This diner is what slow saturday mornings are made of. *Seriously, I wouldn’t visit if you’re in a rush to get somewhere as it really inhabits the laid back vibe of an old school diner. Continue reading

Have you Heard of Juniper?

Juniper Café has been the  talk of the town lately and for good reason! This charming breakfast and lunch spot located in the Tett centre provides locally-sourced products and bakes a majority of their menu items fresh onsite. So you can understand why I couldn’t wait to stop in for lunch. Continue reading

Toast and Jam’s Breakfast Game is Strong

Saturday morning is my absolute favourite time of the week. It usually means coffee and tea in bed followed by a delicious breakfast somewhere in town. Today, that somewhere is Toast & Jam, Bread and Butter Bakery’s new breakfast and lunch café. We arrive around 10 AM at the busiest time – it feels like a large percentage of Kingston pulled into the parking lot with us (note to self, leave earlier next time). Continue reading