Back to Basics: Why I Love Carmelinda’s

Breakfast is a wonderful thing. And sometimes there is nothing better than a good ol’ fashioned plate of eggs, bacon and buttered toast. Enter, Carmelinda’s. Carmelinda’s Family Diner has been around for years and has been a favourite of mine for a cheap, cheerful, classic breakfast. This diner is what slow saturday mornings are made of. *Seriously, I wouldn’t visit if you’re in a rush to get somewhere as it really inhabits the laid back vibe of an old school diner.

Food Choices: To be honest, I always get the two eggs over easy with bacon and brown toast. It tastes the exact same every time. The home fries are crispy and golden on the outside and hot, light and fluffy on the inside. The eggs are the perfect amount of greasy and yolky and the serving of bacon is generous and perfectly crisp. And there is always a juicy orange slice for garnish. Simplicity at its finest.

If you’re more into sweet breakfasts, many have told me that the pancakes are delightful, I’ve eyed them down as they’ve passed my table and I can confirm they look fat, round and the perfect shade of golden brown.

If you appreciate a good hollandaise sauce, I’ve also heard good things about the eggs benedict.

I can’t vouch for their lunch and dinner options but please give it a try and tell me about it!

$: My meal of two eggs I described above is $5.99 before tax. How awesome is that? I’ve been with my husband a number of times and I’ve never spent more than $30 for the two of us. Talk about a cheap date!

Keep up with Carmelinda’s: Like the old school diner they are, Carmelinda’s does not participate in social media but you can follow their social media- savvy guests, here.

Their hours: Wednesday 8AM–8:30PM –Thursday 8AM–8:30PM – Friday 8AM–8:30PM – Saturday 8AM–8:30PM – Sunday 8AM–8PM –Monday Closed –Tuesday 8AM–8:30PM


5 thoughts on “Back to Basics: Why I Love Carmelinda’s

  1. Correction on the hours
    Tuesday – Saturday: 8am-830pm
    Sunday: 8am-8pm
    Monday: Closed

    Eggs Benedict can be ordered with a thick slice of pea meal bacon and then covered in Hollandaise sauce, which is homemade

    As for dinner, try either a juicy homemade burger that you will struggle to get your mouth around, the chicken parmigian with fettuccine alfredo that you will most likely take some home because there is so much, or a ceasar or berry salad if your feeling a little on the healthy side. Never have I gone in and come out disappointed!


  2. It’s great to hear about the restaurants you review, but you should include the street address along with their hours, so readers don’t have to leave your site to figure out where they are on Google.


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