Get Your Fill at this Food Fiesta

food_fiestaGuys! I found out the most exciting food news today at work. Some of you might have already heard that Thursday night (Aug 20) Loving Spoonful is hosting their third annual Food Fiesta at Lake Ontario Park Pavilion. What is a Food Fiesta? It’s a congregation of talented chefs serving the tastiest bites from their food trucks. Thursday’s event is featuring Mission Street North, Two Nuts in a Truck, The Big Smoke, La Hacienda, Pan Chancho to name a few!

Loving Spoonful is a wonderful organization that enables access to fresh and healthy produce for those in need. This event is in support of their efforts. Though it is technically free, the purpose is to fund raise – donations are appreciated! You can feed your appetite and your karma.

BONUS: They will have live music by local bands The Fonzies and The Baseboards.

Keep up with Street Food Fiesta: Follow Loving Spoonful on Twitter to get the scoop.

Hours: 5 pm – 8 pm.


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