All About Pan Chancho’s Pizza Dough

Pan Chancho bakery is a favourite for many Kingstonians. It’s nearly impossible to visit and leave with just one item. While waiting in line, it’s easy to convince yourself that you should maybe grab a chocolate croissant for the road, a side salad for lunch and a sweet for after dinner. They have everything! And it’s all delicious. But one thing I recently discovered is their frozen pizza dough. So incredibly random considering all of the other mouth-watering items they offer. But one thing I know for sure, pizza dough –  in general – is completely underestimated. One would assume that just about anything with tomato sauce, meat and melted cheese tastes great but the Pan Chancho dough took my grilled pizza to another level. I’ve tried both the whole wheat and white flour options and they are top notch. Best part? You can purchase the dough for just a little bit of dough – under $4.00 (you see what I did there?). One portion is enough to serve a family of four or more depending on how thin you roll it.

If you’re into non-traditional pizzas, I tried a grilled herb seafood pizza from RICARDO magazine and it was amazing. Give the recipe a try! I made it with shrimp and another time with scallops but any seafood works – try whatever you like best – the world is your oyster 😉 (I’m on a roll today).


Keep up with Pan Chancho Bakery: You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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