Kindness by the Spoonful

Besides sleeping and breathing, the need for a good meal is something we all share.

Unfortunately, not all foods are accessible. And the cheaper the food, the less nutritious, resulting in a large portion of our population lacking what they need to live nutritionally balanced lives.

Enter: Loving Spoonful – and its 250 volunteers – that give the less fortunate in Kingston what they need.

Spoonful‘s Executive Director Mara Shaw reflects on the  positive impact on the community. “Last year we provided 70,000 pounds of food to the community and that’s equivalent to about 70,000 meals. That’s about 7000 people that are being fed through the food that we deliver, then there’s another 250 kids in schools through the grow programs. Last year there were about 140 people who took our cooking classes.”

It’s clear Loving Spoonful does more than just deliver food. Teaching is how they make sure their initiatives making nutritious foods accessible do not go to waste.

Shaw elaborates, “We have cooking classes and figure out how to fund them so that people have more than enough. People can take home that butternut squash macaroni and cheese to their families and they can try butternut squash which they otherwise wouldn’t have tried. The next time we bring butternut squash to a pantry, people will take it home because they know what to do with it.” Continue reading

Get Your Fill at this Food Fiesta

food_fiestaGuys! I found out the most exciting food news today at work. Some of you might have already heard that Thursday night (Aug 20) Loving Spoonful is hosting their third annual Food Fiesta at Lake Ontario Park Pavilion. What is a Food Fiesta? It’s a congregation of talented chefs serving the tastiest bites from their food trucks. Thursday’s event is featuring Mission Street North, Two Nuts in a Truck, The Big Smoke, La Hacienda, Pan Chancho to name a few! Continue reading