A Day at the Farm with Enright Cattle Company

If you’ve followed along with my blog, you’ll know that I am not a country girl. I don’t know much about farms, cattle, pasture, etc. But I learned a thing or two this Sunday when I visited Enright Cattle’s farm in Tweed.

If you’re not familiar with Enright Cattle Company, they pride themselves on being environmentally-friendly and maintaining animal welfare practices while being conscious of sustainability. Owned by Kara and Darold Enright, they provide lots of product to our local businesses here in Kingston. Many of my favourite local restaurants cook with beef from Enright — Olivea, Pan Chancho, Chez Piggy, Tango Nuevo, Le Chien Noir, Harpers (just to name a few!). Continue reading


Stretch in the Sun: Top Picks for Outdoor Yoga in YGK and PEC

Photo via unsplash.

I love yoga for so many reasons! It’s inclusive, calming, requires very little equipment – just a mat! – and begins and ends lying down (bonus).

When summer rolls around I want to spend every waking moment soaking in the beautiful sunshine! So what’s better than combining a yoga practice with fresh summer air and the sound of birds chirping?

There are a number of options to choose from between Kingston and Prince Edward County to get your downward dog on al fresco. Learn where you can catch your stretch in the sun in the list below! Continue reading

Stellar Grub at the Hubb

Recently, while picking a restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday, a friend recommended The Hubb Eatery in Bloomfield. We scrolled through the menu and our mouths watered reading all of the delicious menu options so we knew it was a good choice. And we were right! Located in Angeline’s Inn, this beautifully decorated, quaint little restaurant serves top-notch food and has the best service. Our server Joseph was so helpful and nice! Read my highlights below. Continue reading

Aquaterra’s Winemaker’s Event Pairs Food and Philanthropy

I was recently invited to the holy grail of foodie indulgence. An evening filled with course after course of meticulously planned meals paired with top-notch wine: The Winemaker’s Event at Aquaterra, featuring Stratus Winery’s Charles Baker. Continue reading

New Discovery: Bee Pollen at Hogans’ Honey


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“You should never buy honey in a grocery store.” I overhear as I wander through  Hogans’ Honey located in Bath. This charming little spot produces a number of honey products as well as maple syrup. To name a few: raw honey, buckwheat honey, honey comb,  beeswax candles, “bee” lotion and last but not least: bee pollen line the shelves. Though I am fascinated by the abundance of honey products surrounding me in this modest shop, the bee pollen catches my attention. Continue reading