Stellar Grub at the Hubb

Recently, while picking a restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday, a friend recommended The Hubb Eatery in Bloomfield. We scrolled through the menu and our mouths watered reading all of the delicious menu options so we knew it was a good choice. And we were right! Located in Angeline’s Inn, this beautifully decorated, quaint little restaurant serves top-notch food and has the best service. Our server Joseph was so helpful and nice! Read my highlights below.

Food choices: You know when you look at the menu and it feels like the only thing to do is order four items so that you can taste all the things? The Hubb has one of those menus. I have a really hard time committing to one dish.

Apps: We start simple with a shared charcuterie board (large). It’s the perfect serving for four people with incredible local cheeses and cured meats. They also bring complimentary little garlic knots that are served on top of popcorn – so tasty! Two of us share oysters from New Brunswick. Ice cold and so good. I would go back for the HUBB hummus and the lake trout poke with wakame, yellow plums, jalapeno and miso.

Mains: There are two categories for mains, one is dedicated to small plates and the other, large. We all keep our eyes on the prize and stick to the large plate options. My eyes hone in on the 16 hour shortrib (roasted carrots, creminis, plums, pickled onion, finger potatoes, coriander jus), but then I am distracted by the parisienne gnocchi (shaved fennel, salsa verde, swiss chard, cherry toms, ricotta and truffle crumbs). Do you think I  am done? I’m not. Two more incredibly tasty menu items capture my attention, the not-so-classic classic burger a honey-soy smoked and braised beef on a brioche bun with HUBB slaw, shallot mayo, herbed ricotta and kettle chips (bacon jam optional at cost) and last but not least, the crispy duck (cauliflower puree, nectarines, almonds, pearl onions, espresso, chioggas, jus).

I am honestly in such a dilemma of indecisiveness that I turn to our very patient server — Joseph — for guidance. He tells me to stick to the duck – even writes it down on the pad so there’s no turning back! Luckily, the rest of my table orders the three other items I was eyeing. When the duck arrives — served medium rare — it is not only the most beautiful dish, the skin is crisp, the meat is tender and juicy and the flavours marry perfectly (that cauliflower puree! Damn!).  I steal bites of the gnocchi (perfect little potato pillows), the shortib (falling off the bone and so rich and tender) and the burger (smoked meat goodness). This is one of those special places where no order is regrettable because everything is so good.

$$$: I wouldn’t say The Hubb is overpriced, the meals are perfectly curated featuring Ontario’s finest produce. The large mains range from $21-$30 and the small mains $8-$18.

Keep up with The Hubb: Follow along and see what they’re up to on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Note, a reservation is recommended for a guaranteed table.

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