My Day Sipping SimplyWell’s Detox Waters

Detox Waters
Detoxing seems to be the name of the game for me this month! First,  I had the opportunity to try Shiva’s Delight’s charcoal face mask and now I’ve sampled SimplyWell’s detox waters! I’m excited to tell you about them. I spent a day last week drinking my way to a healthier liver, faster metabolism and whiter teeth.

It’s always good to reset the digestive system, cleanse the body of toxins and reduce inflammation. So let me give you the details on my SimplyWell one-day detox!

My day of detox waters starts with the Rise and Shine: Alkaline water, lemon, coconut sugar and cayenne pepper then the Glow: Alkaline water, chlorophyll, lemon and coconut sugar and then the Night Cap: Alkaline water, activated coconut charcoal and lemon.

Rise and Shine: I start my day sipping on this spicy lemonade. The Vitamin C in the lemon helps turn toxins into digestible material. Lemon also has magnesium, potassium and helps neutralize the body’s Ph levels which leads to increased mental acuity among many other benefits. The cayenne helps to regulate blood sugar, and support the circulatory system – it also increases the metabolism!

Glow: In the afternoon I sip on the Glow water while eating lunch. a co-worker says, “what is the benefit chlorophyll? Isn’t it for plants?” Yes, chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants that  facilitates the absorption of light from the sun. Its benefits are endless, it aids in the restoration of red blood cells, it’s filled with antioxidants that help maintain healthy tissues and maintain youthful skin. That’s not it, it fights oral bacteria and calms inflammation in the gums and brightens teeth! On top of all of that, it helps with with cravings. I usually want a treat around 2 pm and I don’t have a hankering this day.

Night Cap: This is the real deal. This activated charcoal coconut is like the exclamation mark on the one-day detox. It is a strong toxin eliminator so if you’re on medication consult your doctor before consuming. It is used best for eliminating gas, bloating and general digestive care. It’s also really good for heart health,  liver function and kidneys. And bonus, I drank this right before bed so when I brush the black guck off of my teeth my smile is brighter than ever!

Overall, I feel like this detox got me jumpstarted to rid of the toxins I’ve built up from winter comfort food. I feel great!

*I was given these waters to test, Please note, I do not promote anything I do not believe in*


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