Treat Your Skin Right with Shiva’s Delight

I really appreciate good skin. This means maintaining serious blackhead management and I am always on the hunt for new products that will help me with this task.

I’ve been watching those hilarious videos of people ripping charcoal masks off of their faces to achieve soft skin and wondered to myself, “how far will I go to rid of my blackheads?”

While at a recent market I spotted the Activated Charcoal Clay Mask with Honeysuckle at Shiva Delight’s stand and owner Casey reassured me that I don’t need to peel a mask off my face while screaming bloody murder to attain silky smooth blackhead-free skin.

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of test driving a few of Casey’s natural products! Most notably the Moor Mud Beauty Face Bar and Charcoal Clay Mask.

Activated charcoal is so hot right now! It works magic drawing bacteria, poisons, chemicals and other impurities out of the skin leaving it silky smooth and glowing. It’s not very often that I immediately see the benefit of a beauty product but after just my first mask I can see the difference. I’ve been using the mask about two to three times a week to keep my pores clear.

I’ve used the small sample of the Moor Mud Beauty Face Bar every night for the last five weeks and it’s still going strong. Made with all of the super oils: organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, macadamia nut oil, evening primrose oil, moor peat mud, kukui nut oil, tea tree leaf oil as well as volcanic clay, lavender and shea butter, this face bar has brought my skin back to life.

Casey has been studying natural ingredients that help skin glow for more than eight years and clearly loves what she does. Located right here in Kingston, Casey brews up her batches of natural beauty products in her workshop at home. I love how much thought she puts into her products and the fact that they are free of animal testing and chemicals is amazing! Entrepreneurs like Casey make it easy to support local with her endless list of affordable and beautifully handmade products.

Keep up with Shiva’s Delights: Follow Casey’s beauty product adventures on Facebook and Instagram! You can order her skincare products on her website or at The Kingston Collective and The Grocery Basket downtown!

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