Juicy Kik, A Healthy Pick

I’ve got to say, the place I miss most since moving to Kingston is Toronto’s Fresh Restaurant. A vegetarian spot that offers meals filled with antioxidants and nutrients. Almost any superfood you can think of is found on their menu. But it’s delicious. They do the whole healthy-food-that-tastes-amazing thing well. Plus, they serve delicious green juices and smoothies with all of the latest health-boosters like chia seed, flaxseed and wheat-germ.

I thought I would be at a total loss for these nutritious offerings after moving back to Kingston until I found Juicy Kik. I imagine Juicy Kik to be where Fresh was 10 years ago. They still have a few kinks to work out (strange store hours and zero food prep) but their offerings are delightful for anyone who can appreciate a fresh green juice on-the-go or a post-workout protein-filled smoothie.

Juicy Kik shares its modest space with a gas station on King Street and Portsmouth, but don’t let that deter you.

Drink choices: I’ve had a few of their green juices and I think my favourite is the “King Kong” made with kale, apple, lemon, ginger, celery. Their smoothies have also been delicious. The “Tropical Kiss” is my favourite with avocado, pineapple, banana, mango, OJ, coconut milk and honey. A co-worker also had the Rock DA Beet the other day with beets ,strawberry, dates, mango, vanilla protein and almond milk. So good!

Food choices: They offer great lunch options, the Tuna-Apple wrap is my favourite. It’s grilled and filled with cranberries, apple, mixed greens, tomato and celery (I added avocado at no extra cost!). I’ve also had the tuna-apple on a ciabatta bun – grilled as well – delicious.

$$: I’ve bought a green juice and a tuna wrap for under $12 and considering they make everything in front of you, fresh – I think that’s a reasonable price. Side note: they share their debit machine with the gas station so I suggest bringing cash to save yourself the step of getting your receipt and visiting the gas station’s register.

Chances of re-visiting: I’ve already been back quite a few times so I would say the chances are high! I appreciate that they are trying to offer healthy options and are clearly just starting out here in Kingston so I would like to support their business as much as possible.

Bonus: They are on the handy delivery app, Just Eat, if you are too lazy to leave your house but don’t feel like ordering junk food.

Keep Up with JuicyKik: You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook,

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