Re-Energize Your Takeout Game with SimplyWell

This post is for my green-juice-loving, vegan-leaning, salad-eating readers. There’s a new trendy, tasty juice/salad/smoothie/superfood spot in town. And it’s good. Real good.

SimplyWell is a locally-owned wellness shop downtown on Princess street near Ontario (right beside Peter’s Place). It’s beautifully decorated, the food is thoughtfully prepared and for the hardcore health crowd – they have a number of immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-filled vegan ingredients that they incorporate in all elements of their menu. Continue reading

Fuel Up

When I get into a good workout routine, I automatically shift into health mode. “No, I don’t want that egg mcmuffin. I’d rather sip on a kale smoothie” I convince myself.

Well, recently one Sunday morning after spin class  I have a hankering for some real nutrients and I am starving. I remember walking by a smoothie spot just a week before and I am curious. As I stroll up Princess street I spy the sign, “Fuel.” “Fitting name, that’s exactly what I need!” I think. I walk into the very sleek looking locally-owned juice/smoothie bar and I am greeted by a very friendly face. Continue reading

Juicy Kik, A Healthy Pick

I’ve got to say, the place I miss most since moving to Kingston is Toronto’s Fresh Restaurant. A vegetarian spot that offers meals filled with antioxidants and nutrients. Almost any superfood you can think of is found on their menu. But it’s delicious. They do the whole healthy-food-that-tastes-amazing thing well. Plus, they serve delicious green juices and smoothies with all of the latest health-boosters like chia seed, flaxseed and wheat-germ. Continue reading