Can’t Go Wrong with Yoga in the Park

Yogi or not – nobody can deny how nice it feels to have a good stretch and some quiet time. Every Sunday during the summer, Lululemon Kingston offers a free waterfront yoga class in Battery Park located at the foot of Earl Street. Each week a different instructor leads a class through a low-level practice. It’s perfect for those curious in beginning a yoga practice without committing the funds as well as seasoned yogis who are familiar enough with the practice to challenge themselves at their own pace. It’s a wonderful program and I would recommend it to anyone. I’ve seen mommies and daddies with baby yogis – it’s truly open to anyone! And afterwards there is complimentary fruit and beverages for participants. Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM! What better way to sweat out the weekend’s sangria and nachos? Oops, maybe that’s just me.

Follow Lulu’s FB page for update.


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