Stretch in the Sun: Top Picks for Outdoor Yoga in YGK and PEC

Photo via unsplash.

I love yoga for so many reasons! It’s inclusive, calming, requires very little equipment – just a mat! – and begins and ends lying down (bonus).

When summer rolls around I want to spend every waking moment soaking in the beautiful sunshine! So what’s better than combining a yoga practice with fresh summer air and the sound of birds chirping?

There are a number of options to choose from between Kingston and Prince Edward County to get your downward dog on al fresco. Learn where you can catch your stretch in the sun in the list below! Continue reading

Can’t Go Wrong with Yoga in the Park

Yogi or not – nobody can deny how nice it feels to have a good stretch and some quiet time. Every Sunday during the summer, Lululemon Kingston offers a free waterfront yoga class in Battery Park located at the foot of Earl Street. Each week a different instructor leads a class through a low-level practice.  Continue reading