Rolling Into Dianne’s Fish Shack

Located downtown Kingston at the very busy intersection of Ontario and Clarence street and recently featured on You Gotta Eat Here! Dianne’s Fish Shack and Smokehouse already has plenty of locals saying, “I’ve been meaning to go there!” Well, I did. During Buskers – one of Kingston’s busiest weekends – I made a reservation on Open Table for Dianne’s. We showed up very hungry and very eager to see what the fuss is all about. Continue reading

Sippin’ at Stone City Ales

A co-worker came into the office gushing over this new hipster brewery so I had to give it a try for myself. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Located on Princess street in between Clergy but north of Sydenham, the space has good vibes and a beautiful open atmosphere. It’s lack of patio is made up by the open front garage door that lets in a nice breeze. If you’re a people-watcher, you can sit at the high top at the front and watch strangers stroll up and down Princess street. I’m into it. Something about this place reminds me of a spot I would find on Toronto’s Queen west – très trendy – but the wholesomeness of Kingston brings it down a notch (in a good way). Continue reading

Juicy Kik, A Healthy Pick

I’ve got to say, the place I miss most since moving to Kingston is Toronto’s Fresh Restaurant. A vegetarian spot that offers meals filled with antioxidants and nutrients. Almost any superfood you can think of is found on their menu. But it’s delicious. They do the whole healthy-food-that-tastes-amazing thing well. Plus, they serve delicious green juices and smoothies with all of the latest health-boosters like chia seed, flaxseed and wheat-germ. Continue reading