Rolling Into Dianne’s Fish Shack

Located downtown Kingston at the very busy intersection of Ontario and Clarence street and recently featured on You Gotta Eat Here! Dianne’s Fish Shack and Smokehouse already has plenty of locals saying, “I’ve been meaning to go there!” Well, I did. During Buskers – one of Kingston’s busiest weekends – I made a reservation on Open Table for Dianne’s. We showed up very hungry and very eager to see what the fuss is all about.

Drink Choices: Dianne’s has a wide selection of beverages. For draft beer, they feature a lot of local breweries, including Stone City Ales and MacKinnon Brothers as well as Toronto brewers Mill Street and SteamWhistle. For wine, they have a few Niagara wines on tap. We had the Reisling, Tawse and I really enjoyed it – light, fresh and not too sweet for a Riesling.

Food Choices: For starters, four of us shared the Tequila Shrimp and Fried Rhode Island Calamari. Both were pretty good but to be honest, I really wanted to try one of the three ceviche options. If I were to recommend one of the two appetizers, I would say try the Tequila Shrimp, it is jumbo shrimp sauteed in tomato, garlic, citrus juices and tequila.

For mains, a couple from my party were not too intrigued by the regular menu. “I don’t want fried fish” one said when referring to the beer-battered cod (or shrimp, or shrimp and cod) with fries. “I don’t think I am in the mood for salmon” said another when referring to the Roasted BC Sockeye Salmon with local cherry tomatoes, roasted poblano and salsa verde. Luckily for them, Dianne’s “Catch of the Day” fish features are a nice alternative to the regular menu. Both picky eaters chose the Trout daily special with the kimchi fried rice and both enjoyed.

I knew right from the start what I was going to order – the Lobster Roll. How could someone even glance at another menu option when a butter-toasted bun filled with tarragon, lemon, chives, celery, mayo and pickled red onion and LOBSTER is listed. It did not disappoint. There is a reason why it was featured in the episode of You Gotta Eat Here!.

$$$$: Okay, so this is a #treatyoself spot in my opinion. I can’t remember how much our bill was exactly but it was well over $200. The glorious Lobster Roll does not come cheap at $23. But if you’re celebrating something or in the mood for a treat, it’s worth it. Or maybe try some of their more affordable menu options like their tacos.

Chances of re-visiting: I will go back. No doubt about that. The Seafood Poutine was enough to peak my curiosity. FYI: Seafood Poutine: fries topped with coconut-green curry, shrimp, pacific cod, calamari + mussels and queso fresco. What? I know, sounds crazy which is why I need to try it.

BONUS: The location is perfect for a post-dinner stroll by the water.

Keep Up with Dianne’s: You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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