Green Light for Red House West

“Where are we?” is my first thought driving north on Gardiners road towards Future ave on our first trip to Red House West. In the midst of a quiet, industrial landscape, the happening pub sticks out like a sore thumb. Once we enter the dark, woodsy space, though, there is so much laughter and chatter that we quickly forget how vacant the neighbourhood is.

We don’t see a “Please wait to be seated” sign at the front so we help ourselves to a table and I am pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face when our server approaches, it turns out I worked with him almost nine years ago when I had a summer job at Lone Star. #blastfromthepast

Drink Choices: They carry a diverse array of brews on tap from across the province, including many from the Kingston area. The have Mackinnon Bros, Waupoos Cider, Stone City Ales, Muskoka Detour and Mill Street Organic – just to name a few. They also have quite a few Ontario wines, I choose the Dog House Riesling – delicious!

Food Choices: It takes me a while to determine what I want. The burger sounds amazing with tomato relish, aged cheddar, crispy onions and mustard mayo but so does the pork belly sandwich with soy glaze, daikon slaw, iceberg lettuce, spicy basil aioli on a Navajo roll. When our server appears I am so indecisive I choose the daily special – grilled trout with rice pilaf and arugula. My husband orders the fried chicken sandwich on a buttermilk biscuit with honey mustard and pickles. I really enjoy the trout special. The trout is cooked perfectly – flakey but still very juicy with a crispy skin. I don’t even like arugula that much and I clean my plate – it has just the right amount of dressing. The rice pilaf is a nice touch, I think it helps cut the peppery bitterness of the arugula well. My husband has order-envy, he says the fried chicken sandwich is good but his eyes are glued on our neighbour’s burger. Note for next time.

$$$: The menu has a broad range in terms of  price. The sandwiches are between $12 and $14 and the entrees are $15 to $27. Our meal, including two glasses of wine and a beer, is $54 before tip.

Chances of Re-visiting: I am still curious to try a few other menu items like the Charcuterie featuring the Seed to Sausage meats and the braised beef cheek rib so I’m sure I’ll be back.

BONUS: Such a great idea to bring Red House, west. It’s the same downtown vibes, uptown – perfect for westenders.

Keep up with Red House West: Find out about their daily specials and happenings on Facebook and Twitter.

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