Pat’s Restaurant, Kingston’s Best Cambodian

You know when you’ve found a dish at a restaurant that once you crave it, you need it ASAP? That’s the number eleven with veggies for me at Pat’s Restaurant on 455 Princess street . Pat’s menu is filled with authentic Cambodian and Thai dishes that are packed with flavour. I say “authentic” because when they say spicy, they mean it.

Food Choices: To start, my friends and I usually share the spring rolls. They’re deep-fried deliciousness and are the perfect way to start the meal. We usually share one order (three/four people). I always order the number eleven, it’s red curry shrimp, lime leaves, basil, peanut and coconut milk with rice. It’s a very generous serving so I usually end up with a full meal for later (bonus!). Like I mentioned above, it’s spicy but the plain rice and coconut milk make it enjoyable, I think. My friends swear by the number one with veg which is red curry chicken, basil, lime leaves, peanut, coconut milk and rice.  They give it two thumbs up emojis. I asked one girlfriend why she always chooses number one (for the purpose of this blog post) and she said, “It’s full of great flavours but resembles a classic dish – with grain and protein on the plate!” She’s a former picky eater so don’t be afraid to bring your choosy friends here!

$$: I’ve never spent more than $20 (on just myself). I think it’s reasonable especially considering there’s usually leftovers.

Chances of Re-visiting: The fact that writing this has given me a massive craving means that I’ll probably be back in less than a week.

BONUS: They do takeout so if you want to sniffle through your spicy dish in the comfort of your own home – you can.

Keep up with Pat’s: You can find them on Facebook to keep up with their hours and see adorable photos of the owner’s toddler son playing helper.


One thought on “Pat’s Restaurant, Kingston’s Best Cambodian

  1. My sis loves Pat’s. Once last year, she ordered and realized she forgot her wallet. They just told her to pay them next time 🙂
    Small town feel is awesome.


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