Craving Sushi? Go to Kenko’s

We are greeted with a chorus of “Hi!” before being asked to take a seat wherever we please. We initially planned on takeout but this friendly greeting has changed our minds. We’re at Kenko Sushi at Bayridge and Taylor Kidd.

post meal profiteroles!

Food Choices: Kenko is a traditional Japanese sushi spot. We order the spicy salmon and dynamite rolls to share. We start with the complimentary miso soup, it’s delicious – not too salty – and doesn’t fill me up too much to lose my appetite for my main. The rolls are perfect. The dynamite roll is sliced thinly, so I don’t have to shove a massive piece in my mouth or risk biting it and watch bits of tempura shrimp and rice fall to my plate. The spicy salmon does not disappoint – it’s dressed with a light – kind of spicy – mayo. They also bring a complimentary plate of glass noodles with the meal which is surprising and tasty. The best part is when your bill comes, they bring little profiterole balls, stuffed with cream and topped with chocolate sauce.

$: This is a cheap date. We spent under $20, including a 20% tip.

Chances of Re-visiting: I think this will now be my go-to westend sushi place. I can’t believe this was my first time!

BONUS: Everyone is so friendly! When we leave we hear the staff say in one sing-song voice, “Thank you, Bye!” It’s really sweet.

Keep up with Kenko: You can check out other diners experiences at Kenko on their Facebook page.

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