Kingston’s Donut Scene, A Quick Round Up

I did a poll a few weeks back on whether I should write more blog posts and the response was strongly in favour of more blog posts so here we are! Now that my youngest is sleeping longer stretches at night, I have a little more time to ponder potential blog posts. To start, perhaps a round up of places you can get delicious donuts in Kingston? Though Coffee Way will always have my heart, there are more and more opportunities to properly fulfill a donut craving and I am going round them up below! I am talking about special donuts here, folks, not the ones we grab in a rush on our way to a meeting. Enjoy!

Coffee Way (Downtown Kingston)

It would be an insult to not start with the OG donut shop, Coffee Way. They’ve been using the same recipe for decades. Will you find a gluten-free option here? Likely not. But it’s open 6am-11pm and houses some of the freshest donuts you will ever have the pleasure of tasting. I’ve written about them before, and if you’re a fan of donuts, you’ve likely experienced the soft, doughy and sweet goodness of the Coffee Way donut. There is comfort in the classic flavours and when your timing is just right, they are still a little warm when you take them out of the box. Absolutely perfect.

Doozy Deez (West End Kingston)
I tried these months ago when they were harder to get! I ordered a week in advance with a specific pick-up time. They were worth the suspense but now you can get your hands on them even easier with a pick up at Patriam Coffee located out front of the west-end Home Hardware. Their flavours are thoughtfully curated and fun. A few examples: drunken pecan with sticky bourbon and toasted nuts cookies and cream. A wonderful remix on the traditional flavour combos. They deliver noon on Fridays! Perfect way to wrap the week.

Mac’s Chocolate Shop and Bakery (West End Kingston)
When I found out that Mac’s would be opening in the west end with Otter Creek (a few doors down from the west end Minos), I didn’t anticipate the delightful brioche donuts they would be baking! They are known for their incredible bean-to-bar chocolate, after all. Their brioche donut is on another level. Fluffy and dusted in sugar, the fillings vary from week to week. So far the lemon meringue is my favourite. This addition to the West end is a huge win! They are open Wednesday to Sunday and sell out quickly.

Daughters General Donut Collabs with SuzyQ (Downtown Kingston)
Daughters General is known for bringing delicious treats from neighbouring cities to Kingston and that especially applies to donuts! They bring SuzyQ Doughnuts from Ottawa from time to time, SuzyQ puts a fun spin on classic donuts by switching up flavours like “Pumpkin Fog” and “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” they also always have a few vegan donuts which is wonderful for those who enjoy a vegan treat. Keep an eye on their social to know when to expect the next drop!

Jean + Dean (Downtown Kingston)
You can catch their tasty treats by tuning into their social or at BSE! The bounce back and forth between classics and non-traditional flavour combos like Taro Cream. I admittedly forgot about this local gem and updated this list to catch my initial error.

Maverick’s Donut Shop (Downtown Kingston)
Last week Maverick’s Donut Shop opened their storefront on Princess street! Maverick’s is a small chain that started in Ottawa in 2016 with 9 locations. They carry 50+ flavours of donuts including lots of vegan options! I don’t typically feature chains but for the sake of fresh donuts, here we are lol. To be honest, I haven’t tried them yet! But have heard good things from reliable sources ;).

Golden Rooster (Downtown Kingston)
I haven’t been to Golden Rooster in ages but a reader is adamant that their donuts should be added to the list! They gave them a 10/10. It’s been a long time so noting to make a visit soon!

There are likely more tasty donuts that can be found in Kingston and if so, I’d like to know! Share with me in the comments.


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