Kingston’s Popular Walks and Hikes to Explore

The air is crisp, the leaves are about to change, you can wear a light jacket or cozy sweater outside without breaking a sweat. ‘Tis the season for hikes and walks! Kingston is surrounded by the most beautiful views and conservation areas. I asked readers recently where they enjoy to hike and walk in the fall and there were so many wonderful answers that I decided to capture and archive them here in this post. Scroll down for a list of the most popular answers from all of the wonderful people that shared! I broke the list into two themes: conservation areas that can be a bit more challenging and nature-filled and pace, wheel-friendly paths that are more accessible.

Read more: Kingston’s Popular Walks and Hikes to Explore
Rock Dunder

Rock Dunder – North
Gould Lake – North
K&P (Specifically off Unity Road)- North
Frontenac park – North
Little Cat Conservation – North
Foley Mountain – North
Marble Rock – East
Lemoine Point- In town
Parrot’s Bay – West

Chill strolls, Paved/wheel-friendly

Lake Ontario Park – In town (paved)
Queen’s campus (paved)
Douglas Fluhrer Park – In town (paved)
Breakwater Park (paved)
City Park (paved)
Battery Park (paved)
Cataraqui Cemetery (paved)

Do you have a favourite place to explore that I haven’t included? Share in the comments!


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