Black History Month

It’s February, it’s Black History month! Growing up in Kingston this meant it was the one time in school that educators would cram in the very complicated and complex histories of the the Black diaspora into the shortest month of the year. In the Kingston community, it didn’t feel like a celebration. Any important and empowering Black history I learned was handed down to me from my parents and books my mom would buy me by Black authors like Toni Morrison. It was never centred on the Black community that chose to live in Kingston and its impact.

I am happy to say that Black History Month feels different this year. After I shared about my experiences last year and started the Black-owned business directory, I’ve met so many incredible and talented Black people who have not only chosen to live in Kingston and the surrounding area but are growing businesses, conducting important research and creating change. I am here for it.

With that in mind, in light of bringing a local focus to everything I include on this blog, I will be featuring a few of the business owners throughout the month from the Black-owned business list in a Q&A format so that you can get to know them a little better. I want to celebrate Black History in the making! Keep an on my social pages for features.

If you want to know what’s happening locally for Black History month, check out this calendar created by Black Luck Collective.

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