Updated: Kingstonlicious Menus Have Something for Everyone

Please note that this post has been updated to include menu updates and additional menu options from new

Generally speaking, there’s not much to do these days but eat, walk and nap. Lockdown life is lame, yes. But Kingston restaurants are trying to make the best of it and offering up some delicious, pre-fixe menus to accommodate all needs: Want a romantic, hot dinner for two? They’ve got it. Want a family meal? No problem. Vegan? There’s something for you. Prefer to take and bake? You see where this is going. The nice thing about the menu options is that the theme is ‘healthy choices’ so it’s very in line with many new year’s resolutions to ditch junk food and pack in the nutrients.

We were so torn on where to order from this weekend. I was really into the slow-braised Wallace Chuck on Aquaterra’s menu and always enjoy Sally’s rotis. We had Miss Bao’s meal box earlier in the week – and it was great (highly recommend!). I could pick something from each spot that I would happily order but couldn’t deny the Persian BBQ lamb tacos on Tango Nuevo’s menu. So that’s what we went with! I also liked that the pick-up window was 3-9pm. We eat pretty early to make time for our daughter’s bedtime routine so that worked out great for us.

There is an online option for ordering but I went retro and picked up the phone to speak with a real life human! We ordered the Pre-fixe menu, one for me and one for my husband, as well as the charcuterie and salted caramel creme brûlée. We set the pick-up for 4:30 pm (They do offer delivery but a drive to pick up food is a bit of a novelty these days lol). The salad was really fresh, the tacos were flavourful and I’ve always loved the crispy patatas bravas. I really appreciated the clearly labelled packaging and how the taco tortillas were in their own little baggy. We didn’t need to warm anything up and we started eating about 30 minutes after we picked up the food.


Course 1

Heritage Greens Salad

Granny Smith apple, aged cheddar, sweet walnuts, apple cider vinaigrette

Course 2

Persian BBQ Lamb Tacos

Confit lamb, pomegranate barbecue sauce, sumac-onion salad, cashew dukkah, garlic yogurt, house-made pickles, grilled soft taco shells

*marinade contains fish sauce

Course 3

Patatas Bravas

Crispy potatoes, smoked paprika, chili oil, garlic aioli.

Our Tango Nuevo Pre-Fixe Spread –
Two orders of the menu + Charcuterie +Creme Brûlée
Tango Nuevo Pre Fixe X 2. It was filling!
We shared with our toddler and I still have a taco leftover with some potatoes.

Kingstonlicious is happening until March!! Keep your eye on Kingstonlicious’s main page for the latest updates. Remember that if you’re able to support our local restaurants during this tough time it will help them survive and remain open for when we are able to visit them in person one day. Support looks different for different people. If you’re currently unable to eat out, showing your favourite restaurant’s love on social media can also make a difference in giving them exposure!

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Kingston Tourism. However, please note that I wouldn’t post anything I didn’t support myself. 


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