My Favourite Kingston Take and Bake Spots

I typically love to cook but over the course of the pandemic, I’ve realized that I don’t actually like it that much. Before having our daughter we could just grab a bowl of cereal in a crunch but parenthood means full status adulting has kicked in and thinking of balanced meals 24/7 is not really that fun haha. Enter, the take and bake! With another lockdown in full swing, I’m sure many will be drained from cooking holiday meals and when the leftovers run out, might not want to take to the kitchen for long durations! These are a few spots around town that offer great local take and bake options. Many of these places curate their ingredients locally and the dishes are made in-house so there are less preservatives which is always great! Perfect way to support our local businesses through another challenging time. Check out my list! I know I’ve likely missed some, feel free to share your favourites in the comment section!

Bella Market: I like the curried chickpeas and the beef madras! They also have curry sauces, pulled pork, soups and more tasty options.

Union Market: Only recently checked them out but enjoyed the chicken pot pie – it wasn’t cream based and I like that about it!

Go Italian: My husband and daughter love the cheese tortellini! They also have lasagna (veg and beef), rigatoni sausage and peppers, rigatoni with parmesan and meatballs.
Bread and Butter Bakery: I love grabbing their soups but always eye the quiches in the fridge. They also have hearty dishes like chicken pot pie, shepherds pie, beef pies and mac and cheese!
Munchy Guru: I always have beef patties in my deep freezer from Munchy Guru for a quick lunch! They also have other delicious Caribbean options like jerk chicken.

Knifey Spooney:
 This one is for my vegan-friendly people! I really like the vegan Mac and cheese!
Memorial Market:
 They have fresh, local, produce, yes. But they also carry great frozen meals from places like Knifey Spooney (mentioned above!), items from Tandoori Chicken, pierogi’s from Natasha’s Kitchen and more. Menus go up on Tuesday’s and orders can be picked up weekly on Sundays. 

Days on Front: On Wednesdays and Thursday, they offer heat and serve option. Delivery 2pm-4pm or Pickup from 2pm-5pm.You can order anytime after 5pm the day before and up till noon the day of. The current menu has short rib, Arctic char and, chicken ratatouille and lentil curry.

Pasta Genova: I gift their frozen lasagnas to new parents. So hardy and delicious.
Pan Chancho: I grab the frozen pizza dough to store in my freezer but they have so many other delicious take homes – quiche, salmon fillet, veggie baked pasta and more!
The Grocery Basket:  They have lots of frozen goods that make for awesome, healthy meals.
Miss Bao’s Stay home Club: Last summer we ordered the pork belly kit and it was so flavourful and delicious. Everything came marinated, prepped and cut.

Daughters General Store: I haven’t been here yet! But I’ve been eyeing their social haha. They carry Pizza Monster frozen pizza pies and I really enjoy Pizza Monster! They are also a brand new business!


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