Black-Owned: Skeleton Park Creations

If you’re familiar with the blog, you know that I started a Black-owned business directory in 2020 to amplify Black voices and entrepreneurship in our community. It’s been so amazing to watch this list grow with so many incredible businesses. To celebrate Black History Month, I want to go a step further and get to know a few of the business owners listed in the directory. Check back weekly to learn about someone new!

Taylor Bailey-Hopkins and the beautiful work she does with Skeleton Park Creations was put on my radar when I first started the Black-Owned business directory. As soon as I saw her earrings, I wanted a pair. I love the designs and colours and they are affordable, too! Learn more about Taylor and why she started Skeleton Park Creations below.

Taylor and her Skeleton Park Creations

When and why did you start Skeleton Park Creations? 
I started Skeleton Park Creations at the very end of May. Before COVID I worked as a marketing coordinator so my days were filled with something relatively creative and my nights were filled with dance classes. So, by May I had been out of a creative outlet for a while and I was feeling it. I saw polymer clay earrings online, went to Michael’s, and decided to try it on a whim. I had told myself that if it didn’t go well I would just try something else. But it did go well and here I am- in large part because of your Black Businesses in Kingston post you made in June during the BLM protests. My friend Sophie had tagged me in it and everything changed after that!

“This piece of advice was given to me a few years ago at an event aimed for BIPOC women in corporate Ottawa: know what you bring to the table. This piece of advice has served me well every time I got an ounce of imposter syndrome. You know your worth, own it, and bring it to the table.”

Taylor Bailey-Hopkins, Skeleton Park Creations

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One thought on “Black-Owned: Skeleton Park Creations

  1. Please email me at the address I have provided, My family and enjoyed your informative interview this week on a local Kingston-area radio station. We are impressed by the local initiatives that you are part of. For Valentine’s Day, I would like to give a “gift card” or equivalent to a family member, to allow her to choose an item of your jewelry online. I am not on Facebook or Instagram or Linked In and I have not been able to find a direct email address for you.Thanks


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