Why You Should Try Dong Nai

You know in the dead of winter when it’s cold and you avoid going out at all costs – even to get groceries – so when it comes to lunch you’re down and out and want something hot and comforting to eat? I’ve got a spot I think you would like. Dong Nai is a quaint Vietnamese restaurant that is perfect for a quick out-of-office lunch or takeout. Friends of mine have been fans for years and now it’s been added to my list of favourites. Let me tell you why I like it.

Food Choices: Dong Nai’s Pad Thai is not of the traditional variety. The rice noodles swim in a creamy, peanut coconut sauce that I can’t compare to any other Pad Thai experience. It’s rich with flavour and very addictive.

I also really enjoy the Pho (a flavourful noodle soup), I always order the small and I need to finish it in two sittings. The broth is piping hot and the flavours are spot on. Perfect meal for a cold, snowy day.

A co-worker recently ordered the wonton soup (#12) and said she couldn’t wait to get it for her husband because it would “blow his mind.” I might try that next time!

$: Talk about a cheap date. The generous serving of Pad Thai is between $9-$10.75 (depending on the proteins you choose) and the small (but large) noodle soup is $6.75.

Keep up with Dong Nai: They aren’t super active on social media but you can check out their full menu, here. 

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