Dianne’s Brunch Has Crunch, Try The Chicken and Waffles

Every weekend we wake up saying, “What are we going to eat for breakfast?” On the ambitious weekends, the kitchen gets put to good use. On the do-we-even-have-eggs-I-don’t-want-to-cook weekends, we venture. Last Sunday, after a solid half hour of trying to determine what we are craving, I turn to my husband with wide eyes, “I think Dianne’s has chicken and waffles?” Decision made. I make a reservation on Open Table (just incase!) for the moment they open their doors and we arrive just after 11:30. When they bring the buns they are literally fresh out of the oven and piping hot with big chunks of sea salt on top.

Food Choices: I’ve discussed Dianne’s dinner options before so I am going to focus specifically on the brunch offerings. Everything looks amazing. As much as I want to get the same as my husband, the “Soul Waffles” – crispy cholula fried chicken with spicy maple syrup – for the sake of sharing details of the meal with you, I branch out and make him promise me a bite.

So is it the Breakfast Tacos – scrambled eggs, smoked pulled pork ‘carnitas,’ guacamole, tomatillo salsa, queso fresco and home fries? Or the Smokehouse Hash- smoked beef brisket, crispy potatoes, two poached eggs, pico de gallo, poblano hollandaise and a toasted baguette? I ask our server for guidance and he strongly recommends the Smokehouse Hash. I add a side of guac for good measure.

The Smokehouse hash is absolutely delicious. I break the yolk of my poached eggs and it seeps into the contents of the skillet, mixing with the hollandaise and coating the potatoes and tender brisket. Perfect for dipping my golden brown baguette.

When my husband offers the bite of his chicken and waffles he promised, it is crispy, savoury and the perfect mixture of sweet and salty. Definitely getting that next time.

$$$: It’s not the cheapest breakfast you’ll ever order. Chicken and Waffles is $16 and the Smokehouse hash is $15. So tasty, though!

Honorary Mention: They serve their Caesars with a Lobster claw garnish. I didn’t get one. After I order my Mimosa I see one sitting on the bar and immediately regret my choice.

Keep Up with Dianne’s: You can follow their mouth-watering food photos on Facebook, Instagram andTwitter.


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