Black Dog Hospitality Houses Perfect Venue for Private Parties

Black dog food Lab
I am always looking for new ways to enjoy Kingston — new places to visit and new foods to try. Luckily, there is always a new spot opening up in our wonderful foodie city for me to explore!

I recently celebrated a birthday and wanted to try a new space that my friends and family wouldn’t have visited yet. I saw that Black Dog Hospitality Group — the umbrella company of popular restaurants Dianne’s, Chien Noir, Atomica and Harpers also offers catering. Initially I thought I would host everyone in my house and cater in but decided against that idea (boo clean up!) and settled on hosting a dinner in their catering space – Black Dog Food Lab. This hidden space downtown on Ontario steet is decorated beautifully and perfect for an intimate gathering! Continue reading

The Grocery Basket Kicks Off Cooking Classes


I’ve mentioned before how much I love The Grocery Basket. They do a fantastic job at supporting local farmers and businesses in Kingston and have a great selection of local produce, delicious baked goods and vegan-friendly products.

Recently, they posted about upcoming cooking classes they would be hosting with their chefs. Tacos, Salad and Eggs Benny would be their first themed workshops and I couldn’t wait to try one of them! I love a good week night adventure. My husbands go-to meal to cook is tacos so I thought that would be the most appropriate class to try for a fun date night!

We arrive at The Grocery Basket and make our way downstairs to the kitchen in the basement to find the tables neatly set up with aprons, stacked bowls and utensils. The class is a good size — five other people as well as my husband and myself.

Continue reading

Kingston’s Food Tour Captures Culinary Scene

When I initially moved to Kingston and started this blog my Toronto friends were introduced to our wonderful culinary scene through my Instagram feed. They would send me messages, “I had no idea Kingston had such incredible food?” We sure do. We have so many amazing restaurants, in fact, that I didn’t know which one to pick when they came to visit last month. I thought, “Oysters and cocktails at Le Chien Noir? Tapas at Tango? Pizza at Atomica? Burger night at Bella?” As many of you know. The list goes on and on. Enter, Kingston Food Tours. Continue reading

Why I am Proud to Call Kingston Home

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It’s been just over a year since I moved back to my hometown and about a year since I started Keep up with Kingston.

Each day I am reminded of why I chose Kingston. I’ve had so many conversations with fellow Kingstonians who have just recently swapped the big city life for the slow pace of this beautiful community.

I don’t know how I didn’t see it before but the more I get involved with our community the more I find a common thread of kindness, hospitality and enthusiasm for this waterfront gem.  Continue reading

J’ Adore Le Chien Noir

When I receive a message from Rachel and Joanna of Black Dog Hospitality, the local company that owns Atomica, Harpers, Dianne’s Fish Shack and Smokehouse and Le Chien Noir, I am pleasantly surprised that they would like to treat me to a meal at Le Chien Noir. I’ve happily (and on my own terms) written about my love for all of Black Dog’s other vendors, so why not?

Le Chien Noir is a Kingston staple and is known in this town and beyond for its fine french dining. I would happily treat myself to a meal here any day. Continue reading

Kingston Christmas Gift Guide: For the Foodie

‘Tis the season to hit the stores for all sorts of gifts – whether it be for kids, friends, colleagues or bosses – we’re all searching for the perfect present. Thoughtful but not trying and affordable but not cheap. What better way to celebrate Kingston’s wonderful local businesses than by allowing them help you finish your holiday shopping.

I’ve picked a few of my favourite places in town and listed them under categories for Christmas shopping inspiration.

This edition is for the Foodie in your life, the friend who appreciates cooking or enjoying a great meal. Gifts from these spots are bound to impress! Continue reading