Escape The Mayan Temple With Improbable’s Latest Game

Snakes, jaguars and fish – oh my! I was recently invited by Improbable Escapes Kingston to try out their brand new game Legend of the Mayan Temple.

Escape Room games are perfect team building exercises so I brought a few of my work colleagues along to join in the fun. If you’re unfamiliar with escape rooms, the concept is that you are locked in a room with various puzzles that you solve to escape. You typically have an hour to escape. It’s a great way to test your noggin’, communication skills and patience — plus it’s very validating when you solve a puzzle! Continue reading


Boss Ladies of the Limestone City: Jess and Cade of NORTHSIDE Espresso and Kitchen


It’s been six months since the beautiful NORTHSIDE espresso and kitchen opened its doors on the north side of princess just east of clergy. It has been such an incredible addition to Princess street, with it’s beautiful, plant-filled, insta-worthy space, delicious food and amazing coffee they acquired admirers from the very start. Owners Jess and Cade moved from Melbourne, Australia to be closer to Jess’s family and brought their passion for their regions’ coffee cafe culture to Kingston. I’ve found a few common traits that run through these boss lady interviews: passion, the courage to dive into something new and the appreciation for support that the Kingston community offers. And Jess and Cade are no different. They clearly love the new life they’ve built with NORTHSIDE and it’s clear in the vibe that is felt whenever I stop in for a drink or a bite.

Below, they reflect on the last six months and explain how they got their start and what they love about being small business owners in Kingston.

KUWK: When did you start to think about NORTHSIDE and this concept?

Jess: I think the seed of the idea was always floating around in our minds, particularly because I grew up in Sydenham/Kingston. Whenever we would come home for a visit or something we felt like we were missing something. There was a gap for us in terms of getting that cafe culture. I know there are lots of coffee shops here which are great but we also wanted to have a breakfast with great coffee. Continue reading

Set Sail with a Cocktail on the Island Queen

1000 Island Cruises is really soaking up these last summer nights with a sunset cocktail cruise that is typically offered to companies as a private event. They invited a bunch of avid Instagrammers and bloggers to set sail Wednesday night and take in the beautiful night sky aboard the Island Queen.

I have to admit that I’ve never been on the Island Queen, it seems like something reserved for true tourists of the limestone city but it’s a real treat identifying Kingston’s architectural gems from a fresh perspective on the water. Continue reading

My Week with Peggy Baker: The Grand Presents Chorus

I had a full circle moment this summer.

A little background, I grew up dancing (ballet, jazz, tap, modern — you name it), it was a huge part of my life and four years ago when I was working as a journalist in Toronto, I had the privilege of interviewing highly acclaimed contemporary dancer Peggy Baker. I walked away from my interview with Peggy feeling filled with energy and inspiration. Her warmth was contagious and as a former dancer I felt moved to get involved in dance again but wasn’t sure how to go about it.

Fast forward four years and I find out that Peggy Baker is coming to Kingston for a residency hosted by the Ontario Dances Program. The call is for “adventurous movers between ages 16 to 75 to take part in a contemporary dance performance presented at the Grand Theatre.”  Continue reading

The Grocery Basket Kicks Off Cooking Classes


I’ve mentioned before how much I love The Grocery Basket. They do a fantastic job at supporting local farmers and businesses in Kingston and have a great selection of local produce, delicious baked goods and vegan-friendly products.

Recently, they posted about upcoming cooking classes they would be hosting with their chefs. Tacos, Salad and Eggs Benny would be their first themed workshops and I couldn’t wait to try one of them! I love a good week night adventure. My husbands go-to meal to cook is tacos so I thought that would be the most appropriate class to try for a fun date night!

We arrive at The Grocery Basket and make our way downstairs to the kitchen in the basement to find the tables neatly set up with aprons, stacked bowls and utensils. The class is a good size — five other people as well as my husband and myself.

Continue reading

Bella Gets a Market!

I’ve told you about how much I love burger nights at Bella Bistro. I don’t just love their delicious house made burgers but just about everything Bella has to offer. They do their best to support local farmers by using companies like Wendy’s Mobile Market and Enright Cattle Company to make their meals super fresh!

And believe it or not, visits to Bella just got even better because they’ve introduced a market. This is exactly what the west end needs. A space curated for the on-the-go food lover who needs to pick up a ready-made dinner on their way home among other great offerings. Continue reading

Kingston’s Food Tour Captures Culinary Scene

When I initially moved to Kingston and started this blog my Toronto friends were introduced to our wonderful culinary scene through my Instagram feed. They would send me messages, “I had no idea Kingston had such incredible food?” We sure do. We have so many amazing restaurants, in fact, that I didn’t know which one to pick when they came to visit last month. I thought, “Oysters and cocktails at Le Chien Noir? Tapas at Tango? Pizza at Atomica? Burger night at Bella?” As many of you know. The list goes on and on. Enter, Kingston Food Tours. Continue reading