Updated: The Ultimate List of Kingston Patios

We’ve all been (im)patiently waiting to sit in the sunshine eating and drinking at our favourite local spots. There are so many incredible patios to choose from. I’ve tried my best to get them all in this extensive list with the help of my instagram followers! It is incredible how many of our local restaurants have survived the challenges of the past few years so please be patient, kind and generous while tipping (if able) when you visit! Be sure to check businesses’s social ahead of visiting.

Bella Bistro, 4050 Bath Road

Go Italian, 2815 Princess Street

Days on Front’s Food Truck (includes outdoor dining space, they are licensed!), 730 Front Road (They open in June!)

Loyal Oarsmen, 1724 Bath Road

Spearhead,675 Development Drive

Skeleton Park, 3-675 Arlington Park Pl,

Red House West, 629 Fortune Crescent

Mesa Fresca, 1347 Gardiners Road

Daft Brewing, 768 Princess Street

Juniper Cafe, 370 King St West

The Backyard, 285 Queen Street 

The Grizzly Grill, 396 Princess Street

NORTHSIDE, 281 Princess Street

Stone City Ales, 275 Princess Street

BSE, 225 Princess Street

Amadeus Cafe,170 Princess Street

Union,184 Princess Street

Rustic Spud, 227 Princess Street

Toucan, 76 Princess Street

Red House Kingston (Downtown), 369 King Street East

The Everly, 171 Wellington St Unit #103

Pan Chancho, 44 Princess St

Chez Piggy, 68 Princess Street

Olivea, 39 Brock Street

Casa Domenico, 35 Brock Street

Kingston Brewing Pub, 34 Clarence Street

Woodenheads, 192 Ontario St

Dianne’s Fish Shack and Smokehouse,195 Ontario Street

Namaste, 178 Ontario Street

Atomica, 71 Brock Street

Black Dog Tavern, 69 Brock Street

Musiiki Cafe, 73 Brock Street

Tango Nuevo, 331 King Street East

Pilot House, 265 King Street West

AquaTerra, 1 Johnson Street

The Merchant Tap House, 6 Princess Street

Wharf and Feather, 2 Princess St

Delightfully Different Tea Room, 197 Wellington Street

Frontenac Club, 225 King St E

Wolfe Island Grill, 1222 Main St, Wolfe Island, ON K0H 2

Riva, 45 King St W, Gananoque, ON K7G 2G1

The Cove Waterfront, 1753 Highway 2 E, Pittsburgh Township Kingston,


2 thoughts on “Updated: The Ultimate List of Kingston Patios

  1. Hello my name is Denise Paquette, owner/operator of Delightfully Different Tea Room at 197 Wellington St. I have a lovely garden PATIO behind my tea room, down Martello Alley. I was wondering if u could possibly add me to this list !! ??


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