Valentine’s Day in YGK: Special Menus

I am not typically into Valentine’s Day but given the circumstances of the last year, I will take any excuse to have a really good meal and celebrate love. And I don’t think Valentine’s Day is reserved for couples! Self-love is just as key, love for a parent or kid, close friend – all of the love! If you’re not in a romantic relationship, don’t skip the opportunity for a treat! I digress haha… Kingston restaurants have really lit it up this year with their Valentine’s Day menus! Even though we are in the green this week, many restaurants are still in the middle of the covid pivot and offering takeout for this weekend. I’ve included a list of menus I’ve come across in the last couple of weeks below (some are takeout and some are dine-in), click on the images/restaurant names for more information from each place listed:

More details from Days on Front, here.

Love this idea for a parent/kid daytime Valentine’s Day date!


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