Keep up with Kingston Turns 7! 7 Reasons “Kingston Isn’t Boring Anymore”

This month marks the 7 year anniversary since I moved back to Kingston and began this blog. I can’t believe how time flies! In the last seven years, I’ve had three jobs in this city, we’ve grown our family by two and I’ve started a Masters program to name just a few things. In that time, this blog has put me in touch with so many incredible people, local businesses and unique opportunities.

Although it’s always been a side project, it has enriched our lives in more ways than I can count. The point of starting the blog was to convince myself that Kingston is a happening place and far from the sleepy town I remembered and fled from as a young adult. I hoped that sharing the positive and diving into our community would give me a new appreciation for its beauty. And it worked! I only share positive experiences and specifically focus on small, local business and as a result I attract positive energy. Bonus: I’m often given a heads up on many of the fun things happening around town. This community is so supportive and if you put yourself out there, it’s very easy to find your people. For those of you who have been following along, thank you so much for reading and sharing my content! I appreciate you.

Local artist and founder of collective, ForWorld Studios, Francisco Corbett, has coined this phrase “Kingston Isn’t Boring Anymore” and put it on T-shirts that he sells in very small rollouts. I love this phrase so much because I 100% agree. Perhaps it’s because I actively look for the fun or that it has changed significantly over the years – regardless, I see such a difference over the last decade! Maybe a mixture of perspective and progress?

Recently while walking on Queen’s campus, I snapped photos of the Agnes Etherington building covered in beautiful, vibrant graffiti art and immediately thought “KINGSTON ISN’T BORING ANYMORE”! To see an old building brought to life on this collaboration felt symbolic for the direction Kingston is going in.

I am excited to announce that Francisco and I will be debuting a new T-shirt to celebrate the anniversary of the blog and spirit of our city! Mark your calendars for September 3. We will be selling them out of the Montreal Street Collective storefront at Princess and Montreal street with the phrase “Kingston Isn’t Boring Anymore” written boldly in an eye-popping font on the front. Stay tuned for the colour way!

In honour of this phrase and our collaboration, I asked you all on Instagram why you believe “Kingston Isn’t Boring Anymore” or in other words, what is making you fall in love with our city and these were your responses:

  1. “It’s getting decorated in murals and embracing artistic talent of all kinds from all over.” There are so many accessible ways for artists to share their passion with us. I co-wrote about it this with local creator, Em Harmsen, in this issue of the Skeleton Park Press, “How legal public art spaces enhance communities.” Kingston Isn’t Boring Anymore.

2. “Live music!” Last week, Black female rapper, Polaris and Juno award winner, Haviah Mighty took the stage for Rock the Square and Kingston showed up for her singing and dancing along. Besides Haviah, there are live shows all over town and on many local patios! Kingston Isn’t Boring Anymore.

3. “The food scene makes your taste buds sparkle.” Kingston has the highest number of restaurants per capita with many relying on our local farmers to source their ingredients. Kingston Isn’t Boring Anymore.

4. “Beautiful access to stunning waterfront at multiple entry points.” Breakwater park is a lovely addition but not the only place to take in the calming lakefront views. Kingston Isn’t Boring Anymore.

5. “There is tons of programming for young families.” Absolutely agree with this one! Since having kids I’ve found a new appreciation for all of the events for kids around town. Kingston Isn’t Boring Anymore.

6. Local love! There were so many comments on our local makers and business owners and how incredible the “support local” culture is in Kingston. From local artists and restaurants to the many breweries and day spas! It’s so easy to support local. Kingston Isn’t Boring Anymore.
7. “Growing diversity.” We learned this year through a news story that “Kingston made the list for having the largest proportion of transgender and non-binary people in Ontario, and has the fifth most gender diverse urban centre in Canada.” Diversity helps communities thrive by giving more people a sense of belonging. Speaking of a sense of belonging and diversity! There are many community organizers helping Black folks find each other and celebrate their culture through initiatives like the Black Luck Collective. Their Facebook page reads “Black Luck Collective is about inviting and the coming-together of new and seasoned Black Kingstonians to see, to know, that they are not isolated here and to uncover our dependable and visible community.” Kingston Isn’t Boring Anymore.

I strongly believe that you should love where you live because our environment has such strong influence on our lives. Thankfully, Kingston makes it easy to do so! Stay tuned for more details on our collaborative T-shirt drop. ❤


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