Local Meal Gift Guide for New YGK Parents

We welcomed a new baby recently (our second, we have a toddler) and we were so incredibly lucky to have friends and family source delicious foods from locals spots to keep us nourished as we took in fresh cuddles and kept our toddler well-fed! I really benefited from having this blog because many friends tapped into it to pick from our favourite shops (best humans). This post is a shout out to friends who fed us for the first few weeks of baby’s little life. It’s also a guide for anyone who wants to bring new parents nourishing food from local spots while they settle into the chaos and unpredictability of life with a newborn.

Bread and Butter
So many great items to grab from this sweet and savoury heaven on earth! A few friends brought us their quiche, cinnamon buns, chocolate croissants, sourdough, carrot salad and ratatouille. All of it served our family well during the early, foggy days.

The Grocery Basket
Our favourite item from Grocery Basket was the shepherds pie. It was so rich and delicious and huge! It created many leftovers. I still have a couple of personal-sized items in our deep freezer from the Grocery Basket that I haven’t even broken out yet! Love having frozen items on hand for hectic days.

Union Market
I’ve always been a fan of Union Market! Specifically their frozen food section. We had the lamb stew that we could quickly heat on the stove and it was a perfect mixture of hearty and comforting.

Pan Chancho
A friend brought frozen cookie dough over a week before I went into labour and they were the perfect sweet treat to easily make with our toddler. My other favourite pre-made item from Pan Chancho are the spicy noodles.

Bella Bistro
So many great take and bake items from this west-end gem. The curried chickpeas and sweet potato peanut soup (my toddler loves these two the most), Mac and cheese and potato leek soup. The easiest meals to pull out of the freezer in a crunch and feel well-balanced and healthy.

Pasta Genova
This is my go-to for friends who are in the early postpartum stage. I usually grab the frozen lasagna and a couple fresh focaccia slices. The best!

Friends gifted us a gift card for Olivea, one of our favourite restaurants in Kingston! They no longer offer take and bake meals so we went there as our first meal of four and it was a nice change of pace. And they have small kids menu which is appreciated!

Daughters General
They carry a favourite frozen pizza of mine from Toronto, Pizza Libretto! As well as plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives like the delicious and uniquely flavoured beverages from County Bounty. They also carry a wide variety of gluten, dairy-free and vegan items.

GangNam Style
A friend ordered from a favourite of mine, GangNam Style, one evening during one of our early red-eyed days and it was so appreciated! Korean Fried chicken (a mix of regular and honey butter), pork bone soup and cheese grilled spicy squid with extra cheese!

Go Italian: My husband and toddler love the cheese tortellini! They also have lasagna (veg and beef), rigatoni sausage and peppers, rigatoni with parmesan and meatballs.


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