The Blue Man Group is Coming to Kingston! A Q&A with the Captain

The Blue Man Group is coming to Kingston! The trio will be performing at the Leon’s Centre on March 21! The group’s Captain, Barney Haas, took a few minutes to answer some questions about the show via email. Read below to learn more about what to expect from their performance! And if you want a chance to win tickets, check out my Facebook or Instagram page to enter to win. 

Keep up with Kingston: How did you start performing for the Blue Man group? What made you want to tour with the group?
Barney Haas: Always having been a drummer, I was fascinated by the show and so I auditioned back in 2012. A series of further auditions finally led to finding myself in the training process in New York, and that’s where the adventure begun. Now it’s been 6 years and the show has taken us all around the globe.

KUWK: What does it mean to be the Captain?
BH: It basically means making the schedule for the group of performers and communicating between the creative/director department and the cast/crew on site.

KUWK: What has been your favourite part of performing with the Blue Man group?BH: My favorite part is witnessing how the show can make a theatre full of strangers laugh and have a good time together, independently from what age they are or where they’re from. The show goes beyond language so it’s universally understood.

KUWK: Silly question, how hard is it to get the blue paint off?
BH: It takes quite some time, and scrubbing efforts. The thing is, once you think you’ve got it all off, you always find you’ve missed a patch somewhere. You’ll notice, for example, by waking up the next day and noticing that your pillow has a blue stain on it.

KUWK: You’ve traveled around the world with Blue Man group, where has been your favourite stop so far? If you can’t give one, do you have a top three and why?
BH: My Top 3 would be New Zealand for the nature, China for the food, and no, I’m not just trying to sound nice, but actually Canada for the people! In my experience so far, people here have been extremely friendly, welcoming and open-minded.

KUWK: Have you performed in Kingston before?
BH: No, not personally and not with this version of the show, but we’re really looking forward to it!

KUWK: For those who haven’t been to a show, what can the audience expect?BH: Essentially, it’s a 4 piece unique sounding band and 3 Blue men, bald and blue – they don’t speak but communicate through music and their eyes. We come to take the audience on a hilarious and colorful journey. It’s one-of-a kind music played on unheard of instruments. It’s highly inspiring, very energetic and it gets really funny. It’s full of surprises and ends in a creative celebration of the shared experience. It’s so hard to describe, and most descriptions or even video clips don’t do it justice. It’s something that needs to be experienced live.

KUWK: Anything you would like to add for the audiences coming to Kingston?
BH: We’re really looking forward to meeting the people of Kingston! Make sure you stick around for a few more minutes after the show, because the Blue Men come out into the lobby so we can get a picture together and have a moment of connecting one-one! See you all very soon!


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