Top Five Reasons I am Joining Kingston Sport and Social Club This Summer

If winter has taught us anything, it’s to not take the beautiful outdoors for granted (when the temperature is above zero and there isn’t a threat of slipping on ice). I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for all of the patio drinks and walks near the water minus the blistering winds and heavy winter gear! Woot!

Most recently I’ve embraced the opportunity to join a summer sport! Let me be clear that I am in no way a sporty person but I realized I don’t have to be to gather a few friends and start a beach volleyball team. I am excited to clear a weeknight from bingeing Netflix and get outside of my comfort zone a little. Read my five reasons why I can’t wait to be a part of the Kingston Sport and Social Club this summer.

1. An Excuse to Get Off My Butt
My thirties snuck up on me last year and I am realizing more and more every day how important it is to move my butt as much as possible (especially with an office job). I get bored of my gym routine quickly so beach volleyball is a great way to mix up my exercise activities!

2. An Active Friend Hang
It can be so hard to pin down friends and when we eventually do get together it usually involves eating because, why not. This will be a fun opportunity for us to hang out weekly and sweat a little bit. And bonus, KSSC is launching new volleyball courts with a bar and restaurant at the Kingston Curling Cub this summer so post-game drinks and snacks will be the icing on the cake! What is so awesome is that if I were new to Kingston, I could register solo and they would add me to a team to meet friends! Or, if I only had one other friend who wanted to play, KSSC would make sure we were on the same team

3. Flexible Sched
When I initially mentioned the team to friends, they were worried about having to commit to multiple nights in the week and co-coordinating childcare. Luckily, with beach volleyball, for example, it’s just one night a week and you get to pick the night most convenient for you and your group – perfect!

4. Getting out of my Comfort Zone
I am a big believer in trying something new whenever I can and KSSC is the perfect place to go for that. This summer I am trying beach volleyball but there are so many other activities they offer that I am open to trying one day: ballroom dancing, kayaking, stand-up paddle – all of the activities!

5. Fun for even the Less Sporty!
Like I mentioned earlier, I am not super sporty and thankfully I don’t have to be! There are different levels for different participants so I can go the recreation route and not worry about failing my team.

Want to join in on the KSSC fun? The deadline for registration is quickly approaching! Sign up solo, grab a friend or a group and head over to kssc.a to sign up before May 3rd!

*This post has been sponsored by KSSC. I never promote anything that I don’t stand behind 100%*

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