Six Things I Look Forward to at the Skeleton Park Arts Festival

spaf_arts_headerI started this blog and moved back to Kingston because of the strong sense of community and local talent. The Skeleton Park neighbourhood does such an amazing job illustrating these aspects that make Kingston wonderful by hosting the Skeleton Park Arts Festival showcasing local musicians, artisans and artists in five days of amazing events for FREE!!

I’m pretty pumped. Here is a list of 6 things I’m looking forward to at the festival this week!

Concert and Free BBQ with Lost Cousins, June 22: 
A weeknight bbq featuring Lost Cousins at waterfront park Douglas Fluher Park? Yes please. And it’s all free! June 22, 5:30 pm-7:30 pm. Learn more.

Live Aqua Fit Class with Sheesham & Lotus & ‘Son, June 23:
This sounds like a blast! Live acoustic music while doing aqua aerobics. Can’t say I’ve ever done aqua-fit and to live music – no less! Learn more.

Yoga in the Park with Jazz Accompaniment, June 24, 25, 26:
I mean, they had me at yoga in the park but with live music?! Two of my favourite things. Studio 330’s Jeb Thorley will teach three classes at 7:30 am Friday June 24, Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26 in Skeleton Park (McBurney Park) accompanied by jazz guitarist Dave Barton. Find out more here.


Saturday in Skeleton Park, June 25: This day almost needs a list to itself. So many vendors and performers!

Loft Girls will be at Skeleton Park on Saturday debuting their latest collection in their adorable pink truck. If you haven’t heard about these talented women and their awesome new travelling fashion truck, find out more here

David Francey will be performing in the afternoon and did I mention SLOAN will be performing Saturday night? 90s nostalgia at its finest.

There will be Boxtopia all day which is a super cool kingdom of boxes for kids – and kids at heart- to enjoy discovering!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the Toucan is hosting PS I Love You to keep the party going. Learn more here.

Sunday in Skeleton Park, June 26: Sunday will feature workshops, a neighbourhood heritage tour and even a drum circle (among many fun events) but what I am most looking forward to is the Porch Jazz Parade which will make its way through Montreal, Charles, Patrick and Redan Street before the final stop in Skeleton Park.

Believe it or not there is so much more happening this week with the Skeleton Park Arts Festival than I have listed so check out more details, here.

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