New Discovery: Bee Pollen at Hogans’ Honey


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“You should never buy honey in a grocery store.” I overhear as I wander through  Hogans’ Honey located in Bath. This charming little spot produces a number of honey products as well as maple syrup. To name a few: raw honey, buckwheat honey, honey comb,  beeswax candles, “bee” lotion and last but not least: bee pollen line the shelves. Though I am fascinated by the abundance of honey products surrounding me in this modest shop, the bee pollen catches my attention.

I hear the same voice from earlier ask my question for me, “what is bee pollen used for?” Thank you, stranger.

The literal answer: when bees look for nectar to turn into honey, they collect pollen – creating little pellets — made up of the bee’s digestive enzymes.

It turns out bee pollen is basically a super food (move over flaxseed) rich in amino acids and antioxidants. Cory of Hogan’s Honey says it can be used for just about anything and in anything. It can help suppress appetite, even.

After extensive research (aka googling), here is a list of the benefits of bee pollen ( p.s: some of these claims are pretty outrageous so take this list with a grain of salt and keep in mind I am simply a blogger sharing my latest discovery!):

Boosts the Immune System: No better time than now to take as many immune boosters as possible! There are antibiotic properties in bee pollen that protect the body from viruses.

Digestive Aid: The enzymes in bee pollen help your body digest food more efficiently.
Weight Stabilizer: Because of what I mentioned above regarding digestion, the result also helps fight cravings and the metabolism by stabilizing the body’s chemical imbalances (which can cause weight gain and or cravings).

Helps the Respiratory System: There are a significant amount of antioxidants in bee pollen that have an anti-inflammatory effect on  lung tissue.

Improves Skin: Bee pollen can help you glow from the inside out because of its high concentration of the nucleic acids and antibiotics and it can decrease the effects of aging on the skin like wrinkles, dark spots and and blemishes.

Infertility Issues: Besides the fact that it is a natural aphrodisiac, bee pollen helps stimulate and restore ovarian function.

So far, I’ve only mixed it into my granola and it adds a sweet honey-like flavour. I also plan on putting it in my smoothies.

If you love honey, I suggest making the trip for the real thing – it’s worth it!

Other treats I picked up on my visit: a jar of honey, a maple mustard sauce that I will be using for a ham this weekend and fresh maple syrup.



2 thoughts on “New Discovery: Bee Pollen at Hogans’ Honey

  1. I am from Wales, UK and I was on vacation last year and happened to pop into a local store where I purchased your buckwheat honey 150g. I absolutely loved it and would like to purchase some more. Do you sell the honey in London, Ontario or Kitchener as that is where my family live. It is the best honey I have ever tasted.
    Please respond. Many thanks.
    Anna Regan


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